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2nd Rolling Hunger Striker Tim Nonn from Occupy Petaluma Speaks Out

OccupyHungerThis is the seventh and last day of my hunger strike to protest the lack of prosecutions of the banks for widespread foreclosure fraud.  You can read about our rolling hunger strike here.

I have lost weight but I have gained an important insight into our struggle for justice. During the past week I have thought about the immense power of the banks. They have used their power to corrupt politicians and law enforcement agencies. I’m not talking about outright bribery but the power of hordes of highly-paid lawyers and lobbyists that influence government to weaken regulations and block prosecutions. The banks have also used their power to deceive the public, spending billions each year on advertising that depicts the banks as caring and responsible members of society.

How can we possibly stand against the power of the banks? We don’t have their power and wealth but we have something they will never have – compassion for those who are losing their homes and love for our communities that are being decimated by foreclosures.

Are compassion and love enough to defeat the power of the banks? I believe they are. Compassion and love are what make us human. They give meaning to life. While the banks practice indifference toward those who are losing their homes and communities that are declining, the people who are part of the banking system are becoming less and less human every day. They are paying a heavy price for their lack of compassion and love. They are losing their humanity and souls. For what would life be without compassion for those who are suffering and love for one another?

Would all the money in the world be able to replace the hollowness at the center of our beings in a world turned cold and dark by heartless greed? The world the banks seek to create by their greed is not one I wish to live in. So I urge everyone who is part of this struggle for justice to ground their thoughts and actions in compassion and love. This is what will sustain and unite us. This is what will create a world worth living in.

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