Jail Cell

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If you’ve been following the excellent postings of WhyIHateCCA, you likely have a good understanding of how the for-profit prison industry is warping American laws and society in order to ensure a steady supply of occupants for its jails.

Now, we see examples of what has long been feared would happen. Judges are being paid to send people — in this case, kids – to the for-profit pokeys:

Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan of the Court of Common Pleas in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, plead guilty in open court that they sentenced children to juvenile detention because they were paid off to do it by the PA Childcare and a sister company, Western PA Childcare corporation that ran the private facilities.

Ciavarella wrote in a letter to the court,

“Your statement that I have disgraced my judgeship is true. My actions have destroyed everything I worked to accomplish and I have only myself to blame.”

The price paid by these companies for the services of two judges? $2.6 million.

We cannot, must not, allow the privatizers to take over our criminal justice system.

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman