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  • “What does Spain really need right now? A little bit of Las Vegas. US billionaire Sheldon Adelson wants to build a $35 billion mini-Las Vegas strip in Barcelona or Madrid, Reuters reported.” Mayhaps he can get Gingrich the Cheater to be his main shill in Spain.
  • “A University of California task force said Wednesday that UC Davis police should not have used pepper-spray on student demonstrators in an incident that prompted national outrage and calls for the chancellor’s resignation after online videos of the confrontation went viral.”
  • “Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is facing new hacking battles in the United States. The British lawyer who helped expose the criminal culture inside the News of the World has revealed plans to file at least three separate lawsuits on behalf of clients who claim their phones were hacked while they were on US soil.”
  • “The ultra-conservative Heartland Institute has called on Oxford University on to ban a lecture by the scientist who used deception to expose its mission to discredit climate science.”
  • “Lesley Sloan’s workdays at an office tower in north Toronto were marked by the chilling impact of birds against her sixth-floor window.”
  • “Say what you like about neo-Nazis, they certainly know how to exact a shine from black leather footwear. Antony Antonio’s lace-up army boots were glinting menacingly in the streetlights as he strode through Sanford late on Tuesday.”
  • “Vladimir Putin called on Russians to unite behind him yesterday as he prepares to return to the Kremlin next month, in a speech to parliament aimed at drawing a line under recent protests. In a sign that politics have changed in Russia, however, a whole parliamentary faction previously loyal to the government walked out of the hall in anger.”
  • “The first president of independent Algeria, Ahmed Ben Bella, has died at his home in Algiers following an illness, official media say. Mr Ben Bella, who was 95, had recently been treated in hospital for respiratory problems.” An outstanding history of the Algerian struggle to oust the French is A Savage War of Peace, Algeria 1954-1962 by Alistair Horne. One chapter was made into a highly acclaimed French film, The Battle of Algers.

  • “The number of women and children across Britain being forced out of their homes by violent relationships is revealed for the first time today, raising fresh fears about the impact of council funding cuts on local refuges.” My foray into crisis intervention in the late 70s introduced me to this horror.


  • DC Hoodies March Denounces Institutional Racism. Students and activists demand justice for ‘Trayvon Martins’ across America.” For those not yet aware of the news, George Zimmerman has been taken into custody and charged with murder in the second degree.

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