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How the poor die/give birth

This is an intentional  but completely organic juxtaposition between birth and death in modern society. And it’s all completely true.


Memphis, TN:

In the modern world, the poor, birthing mothers are herded into stainless steel cages along-side poor mothers miscarrying. When I was giving birth to my oldest, I was put in a door-less stainless steel  room with a woman who was 5 months pregnant and miscarrying. We were both screaming in agony. There was nobody to come to our comfort besides each other for hours.

The stainless steel room was almost immaculate besides our birthing excretions. Except for the blood splatters on the ceiling.  Birth and spontaneous abortion are both very messy, I guess.




The first thing you need to know about birthing or miscarrying in a steel cage is that you are screwed. Banging on the walls won’t bring your family to you. The PTB do not care. The more you make noise, the more you’re a troublesome number.

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