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Syria: Intervention or Mediation? And Bibi Blinked, to Host ‘Direct Talks’ With Abbas

From the accompanying YouTube blurb…

After more than a year of turbulence, Syria is still facing both a violent internal opposition uprising and the threat of external intervention. NATO and the Gulf Cooperation Council have backed the opposition, the Syrian Transitional Council, both politically and militarily. Calls for humanitarian intervention in the name of the “responsibility to protect” have been made by the same NGOs as those who acted over Libya last year. Russia and China have vetoed interventionist resolutions in the Security Council, backed by the US, France and the UK, and a chance for reconciliation has been offered with Kofi Annan’s mediation mission. But can it succeed? Will sovereignty remain respected, as provided for by the UN Charter? What are the real aims of NATO and the Gulf Cooperation Council in Syria? Do they want peace and reconciliation or regime change and chaos?

I’ve made my opinion well known, repeatedly, on the farcical R2P ‘humanitarian’ crusade directed at Syria…! Just like I did in the run up to Libya’s smashing success…!

Here’s some of the latest on Syria… From Non-Western Media… Syria to halt military actions as of Thursday… From the ‘Rebels’… Syria rebels set ultimatum, as peace deal falters…

Here’s some recent Western Leaders responses… David Cameron: Syria used ceasefire to kill civilians… Sarkozy: Syria blatantly lying about ceasefire…

What a clusterf*ck in the making, it’s truly a No-Win scenario for the Syrians, needless death and destruction for what exactly…? Reminds me of the age-old adage, that to ‘save’ the village we must bomb it into oblivion…!

Now, moving along…

From today’s Haaretz…

Netanyahu to offer Abbas return to direct Mideast peace talks, sources say

Officials at the Prime Minister’s Office say premier will relay message during planned meeting with Palestinian delegation headed by Salam Fayyad Fayyad in Jerusalem.

…On Sunday, Abbas told an unofficial Israeli delegation that the Palestinian Authority will renew its efforts to win UN recognition for a Palestinian state if it does not receive a positive response from Israel to its positions on a prospective peace deal.

Apparently, as a fig leaf to Abbas… Israel will not demand Palestinian recognition of Jewish state…

Israel will respond to the Palestinian peace process missive with a document presenting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s stance regarding the border and security arrangements.

Government officials familiar with the document noted that for the first time Netanyahu will not demand an official recognition of the Jewish state. The officials stressed the importance of entering negotiations without pre-conditions.

Wowsers…! Are you as impressed as I am from Bibi’s beneficence…?

Talk is mighty cheap…! Anybody remember the ‘Peace Farce’ awhile back…? I seem to recall… The Fork Is Stuck In The Peace Farce’s Dead Carcass… All the while, that Palestinian ‘pizza pie’ has since seen ever larger slices of it gobbled up by Bibi…!

Here’s proof positive… Ma’an had produced a well-footnoted report entitled: Parallel realities: Israel settlements and Palestinian communities in the Jordan Valley

Haaretz’s Amira Hass penned a must-read…

Israel must understand it cannot be like America

For the sake of hegemony, Israel is mortgaging the well-being of its children and the lives of its grandchildren, together with the well-being and lives of children and grandchildren throughout the region.

Interestingly, it’s truly Déjà vu again, with the Flytilla taking flight once more…! Pro-Palestinian ‘flytilla’will go ahead: organisers…

French organisers of the “fly-in” of hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists expected in Israel’s Ben Gurion airport this weekend said Wednesday they still plan to travel despite Israeli opposition.

We are obliged to transit through Tel Aviv (Ben Gurion) to get to the West Bank. This is not a choice,” said organiser Olivia Zemor, adding that buses have been reserved to ferry the activists to Bethlehem.

Israeli security forces said Tuesday they had begun preparations for the “fly-in”, and local radio reported that those who arrive are expected to be arrested by police deployed at the airport.

As usual, Israel rolls out the same old tired red carpet for them…! Flytilla: immigration authority distributes list of people denied entry… And, Shin Bet questions Israeli activists linked to upcoming ‘fly-in’ protest…

Several Israelis have been questioned at length by the security service in recent weeks regarding Sunday’s planned ‘fly-in’; activists’ lawyer says Shin Bet is attempting to deter people from taking part in legal activities.

Bibi truly is a Dickhead…!


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