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On the air: Beyond the Headlines – Closing Arguments Against Amendment One

Yesterday I was interviewed about Amendment One by Hampton Dellinger on his WCHL program Beyond the Headlines. The pro-equality Dellinger also ran for Lt. Governor and is currently an attorney with Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson. The show covers law, government and policy and politics, so it was natural that he invited some NC voices to discuss the state of things related to the amendment, and the work of Protect All NC Families to defeat this marriage discrimination ballot initiative. In addition to myself, he interviewed UNC law professor Maxine Eichner and Replacements, Ltd. General Counsel Andrew Spainhour. Hampton’s intro from the web site:

What each of us does right now on Amendment One matters.  I am voting against Amendment One because I know so many wonderful families headed by same-sex parents, because I know its passage will hurt North Carolina’s business climate, because I know the autonomy of religious institutions to define marriage as they see fit (a right I strongly support) is not at issue.

There are more reasons, many more, I could give for being AGAINST Amendment One.  But I think its more helpful for me to give the link to a website with great information about the campaign AGAINST Amendment One.   In addition, I’ve given three leading voices in the campaign AGAINST Amendment One the opportunity to making a “closing argument” as to why the referendum should be defeated.  Please listen, share with others and, above all, please vote AGAINST Amendment One.

We were asked to make our best case why North Carolinians should “vote against” on May 8 (and earlier if folks want to participate in early voting from April 19-May 4). Have a listen.

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