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Meltdown at NOM: Twitter, Facebook, web site taken over by pro-equality gremlin

Absolutely hilarious. At first blush it was thought that the National Organization for Marriage was apologizing for its race-baiting tactics. Jeremy Hooper of GoodAsYou reported that both the anti-LGBT org’s Facebook page and Twitter account also seemed to reflect a change in attitude. That’s an understatement — see below:

The web site is now “down for maintenance.” We’ll see if Brian Brown can get his hate machine’s act together before we can enjoy much more of this. The Washington Blade:

Though this could be the result of an industrious hacker, if the posts are not actually the words of NOM, they could be the result of another staff defector. In April 2011, Louis Marinelli, who guided NOM’s social media presence to that point,

abruptly turned on the organization and deleted its Twitter and Facebook presence in the process. He later came forward to profess he’d lost faith in the organization and that — after meeting and having real conversations with real same-sex couples — had come to support same-sex marriage.

The Advocate reports NOM is finally confirming that its accounts have been hijacked.

Update @ 10:05 a.m.: CRC Public Relations’ Elizabeth Ray, who handles media inquiries for the National Organization for Marriage, confirmed that NOM’s blog and social media were indeed hacked earlier today and that the group is working to restore its online content.

The hacking incident was particularly ill-timed for NOM, which had rolled out an endorsement of Mitt Romney on Wednesday morning, following Rick Santorum’s departure from the GOP presidential race yesterday afternoon.

However, it’s almost 1PM ET, and NOM still doesn’t have control over its Twitter account; witness its support for turning back Amendment One:


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding