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  • “Europe’s sovereign debt crisis exploded back into life on Tuesday, with markets across the continent rocked by a wave of panic selling amid renewed fears about the impact of savage austerity measures in Spain and Italy.”
  • “Bolivian President Evo Morales says he is rescinding the contract of a Brazilian firm to build a controversial road through the Amazon rainforest. He accused the firm, OAS, of not complying with the terms of the deal.”
  • “American intelligence agencies including the CIA and the FBI have won a court ruling allowing them to withhold evidence from British MPs about suspected UK involvement in “extraordinary rendition” – the secret arrests and alleged torture of terror suspects.”
  • “On Thursday in a Boston court, a 29-year-old Muslim student faces being sentenced to life behind bars in a case that civil liberties groups raises profound questions for freedom of speech in America.”
  • “A court in Egypt has suspended the 100-member assembly appointed last month to draft the country’s new constitution. Several lawsuits had demanded Cairo’s Administrative Court block the decision to form the panel as it did not reflect the diversity of Egyptian society.”
  • “Human rights groups have condemned the execution by the Hamas government in Gaza of three prisoners at the weekend, and are demanding that the death sentence of a fourth be commuted.”
  • “The deteriorating condition of a jailed Bahraini hunger striker has raised the prospect that next month’s Grand Prix in the country could be called off. Faced with mounting pressure to cancel next month’s race, the Formula 1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone, said yesterday that teams would have the final say on whether the event goes ahead.”
  • “By late March, the Free Syrian Army in this restive city was bracing for trouble. Although the rebels had controlled Saraqeb for months, government troops had just finished their conquest of surrounding cities, including the provincial capital, Idlib.”
  • Robert Fisk: “They buried Ali Shabaan as a martyr-reporter yesterday, another journalist of the Syrian war to die in action – but a Lebanese this time, unknown in the West but loved in his little south Lebanon village, not least by the girl to whom he was to have become officially engaged this Saturday.”


  • Our Name is Resistance. Dimitri Lascaris: Greece buries Dimitris Christoulas as many pledge to carry on the fight against austerity.”

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