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America’s “go to guy” for racism

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George Zimmerman has an unusually long-list of defenders who haven’t spoken to him much: Joe Oliver; his next door neighbor; his lawyers.

But one man he’s spoken to, Sean Hannity.

What a predictable person reach out to if you have a problem with mistreating a black person, Sean Hannity knows in advance who the real victim is, the one with less melanin.

The guy who cut his teeth in radio filling in for Bob Grant and having avowed racists call to rant about African Americans and mocking Abner Louima when he was “Giuliani-timed” by the New York City police has become the go to talking head for making a black victim into a villain.

For which he is handsomely paid.

Meanwhile, no one seems to know where Zimmerman is, except he isn’t in Florida and, according to his now former “lawyers of the year“, may not be competent.  Oh and he can still carry around that 9mm.

But no problem, I’m sure.

Let us know if you see Joe Oliver driving a White Bronco.


In completely unrelated breaking news…let’s hope this isn’t a repeat of 20004, but there has been another gigantic earthquake of 8.9 or so off the coast of Aceh province in Indonesia, tsunami warning issued.

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