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A suggestion for a Front Page story for FireDogLake: How the foundations influence our movements.

I posted this as a comment here on FDL but I think it merits much further study.

This was in response to another comment which suggested there isn’t enough focus on peace to make it the primary demand of our movements:

I agree; unity should begin with the need to end these imperialist wars. We don’t even have a united anti-imperialist movement of any kind here in this country even though the United States is the world’s leading imperialist power. If the wars became the major issues this would pretty much spell Obama’s political demise.

In the last 16 years, the AFL-CIO Executive Council has managed to utter just one short sentence in opposition to these dirty wars as if these wars don’t have a direct influence on our lives, our living standards, and the destruction of our own country that results in these wars to occupy and oppress the peoples all over the world.

There seems to be very little understanding that the wealth created by working people is like having this wealth pissed away into our crumbling sewer systems largely built by workers leaning on shovels all day in the WPA when it is wasted on militarism and wars.

The result of this lack of understanding that the struggle for the elusive peace dividends is central to real change is that we get from Obama, with his sock-puppets cheering on, a “Jobs Act” which puts only the coupon-clipping parasitical Wall Street venture/vulture capitalists to “work” figuring out how to pick our bones clean instead of WPA, CCC or a National Public Health Care Program which would employ over ten-million workers providing people with free health care and a National Public Child Care System creating some 3 million new jobs providing working class families with free child care.

For the price of these dirty wars and the even more expensive occupations we could put over twenty-million people to work at real living wage jobs and all these over-paid, muddle-headed, middle class intellectuals don’t understand this. Instead they are telling us we must fear the Republicans and vote for Obama when there is far less than a dime’s bit of difference between Obama and Romney just as there is between Obama and Bush.

The very last thing Obama and the Democrats want us talking about is how these wars and occupations are killing us all— the most important point of what should be bringing us all together.

In my opinion, a big part of the problem results because so many of these people are nothing but foundation flowers— after all, who are these great “philanthropists” funding these foundations which pay their big, fat salaries? Are these “philanthropists” not the very people who reap huge profits from war? And what about all these union pension funds placed under the control of these Wall Street venture/vulture capitalists— the investments are in companies profiting the most from wars.

Look where Obama goes to get his support and funding:–abc-news-politics.html

And who owns “” The son of a Raytheon executive, another Obama supporter.

And Van Jones who has learned to milk these foundations for everything he can… check it out. Is there anything in what he says that focuses on the need to end wars and militarism as the way to fund human needs which would create jobs solving the problems of the people? Why is it so difficult for Van Jones or any of these others you mention to formulate things in this way? In fact, they have to exert a tremendous amount of effort to not articulate the problems and solutions in this way. Just look:

Then there is one you didn’t mention. The “labor leader” who turned heading up a labor council into a multi-million dollar business for her own personal gain, Amy Dean. Do you ever see her talking about the need to turn the labor movement into the mainstay of turning weapons of war into plowshares? Hell no. Look where she gets her funding from; the Century Foundation— just like so many of Obama’s liberal, progressive and left supporters:

All of these foundation-funded flowers will talk about peace but they all know and understand they can’t mobilize a united movement for peace. Why can’t these foundation-flowers mobilize people for peace? Because a united mobilization for peace would have forced Obama from office just as it did Lyndon Johnson.

And check this out. Right on the front page of the Century Foundation’s website is posted an article from what is supposed to be a Communist publication, “The People’s World ,” which has become the left’s biggest Obama booster and a booster of all those you mention while CPUSA membership has dropped from over 20,000 to less than 200 (two-hundred) nationally because of the “leadership’s” support for Wall Street’s warmongering imperialist, Barack Obama.

Check it out— upper right hand corner:

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Jeffrey Laurenti in Blog of the Century.
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TCF Fellow Michael Cohen and AEI’s Mackenzie Eaglen Debate the Status of Safety in the U.S.

Just how much of the “left” is being controlled by these “philanthropists?” After all, you don’t get a united anti-imperialist peace organization without the left, do you?

We have a “united front” of all the foundation flowers but not a united front for peace, social and economic justice— the inseparable “big three” which these muddle-headed middle class intellectuals have been paid so well to separate.

All of this would make for a good front page story for FireDogLake… I wonder why the story isn’t being written?


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