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  • “Eurozone leaders risk reigniting the sovereign debt crisis unless they agree more funds for the so-called “firewall” designed to calm bond markets, the world’s top banking group warned last night. The Institute of International Finance (IIF), which represents 450 banks and finance houses, said the eurozone must expand the €800bn (£660bn) European Stability Mechanism (ESM) created to fund bailouts of member countries.”
  • “Two of Britain’s largest lobbying firms have launched bids to help big business exploit the European Citizens’ Initiative – a new programme that was meant to involve ordinary people in EU law-making, The Independent has learned.”
  • “The UK government approved the 2004 rendition of a terror suspect to the Gaddafi regime, the BBC can reveal. A letter from an MI6 officer refers to Abdel Hakim Belhaj’s rendition to Libya. It congratulates the Libyans on the ‘safe arrival’ of the ‘air cargo’.”
  • “International efforts to resolve the bloody crisis in Syria are mired in disarray and uncertainty in the face of violence spilling over into Turkey and the near certain failure to meet Tuesday’s UN-imposed deadline for government troop withdrawals and a ceasefire.”
  • “There’s little sign of a democratic awakening in Laja Yang. Despite the political reforms that have captivated attention in other parts of Myanmar, this dusty village remains a ghost town, abandoned last year when clashes broke out between the Myanmar military and ethnic Kachin rebels, who began their fight for independence in the 1960s.”
  • “Venezuelan police are searching for a Costa Rican diplomat who has been kidnapped in Caracas. The Costa Rican embassy’s trade attache, Guillermo Cholele, was abducted in his diplomatic car from outside his home on Sunday night. A ransom has been demanded for his release.”
  • “Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, who is visiting the United States this week, is very competent leading South America’s rising powerhouse. But does she somehow hold sway in Iran? Some commentators seem to think so.”

  • “Shining Path rebels have kidnapped dozens of workers in Peru’s natural gas industry before letting most of them go hours later in a remote jungle, officials and local radio said. At least 23 of 30 hostages have been freed, RPP radio said on Monday. Most kidnap victims were employees of the Swedish firm Skanska, which services a natural gas pipeline in southeastern Peru, officials said.”
  • “The discovery of radioactive contamination in ‘shiitake’ mushrooms grown in Manazuru town, Kanagawa prefecture, some 300 km away from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, has raised public clamour for compensation.

This afternoon’s Marx in the Morning is postponed until such time as Prof Wolff’s website has the Advanced video back up. Apparently they have some issues with BlipTV.

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.

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