This video just went live, and it’s a big political coup for those fighting the discriminatory Amendment One.

This is an important message from Harvey Gantt and Richard Vinroot. Both used to be Mayor of Charlotte. Harvey Gantt is a Democrat, Richard Vinroot is a Republican. Both have had a major impact on our state. They don’t always agree on everything but they do agree that we must defeat Amendment One.

The multimedia message marks the first time a prominent Republican figure has recorded an advertisement against a public referendum touching gay issues, and the only occasion Gantt and Vinroot have appeared together publicly to speak out against a statewide ballot measure.

In the video, released by Protect All NC Families, the coalition effort to defeat Amendment One, Gantt and Vinroot admit that while the two senior statesmen don’t always agree on everything, they do agree that North Carolinians should vote against Amendment One.

“[Amendment One] is unnecessary and may have serious unintended consequences,” says Vinroot. Gantt adds, “And some of those consequences may harm women, children and families throughout North Carolina.”

As former mayors of the state’s largest city and national financial hub, the advertisement also features Vinroot and Gantt pointing out the economic impact of Amendment One. “It may hurt our ability to attract business and job opportunities into North Carolina,” says Vinroot. “But we do know this: if you vote against it, it won’t harm anybody.”

Protect All NC Families underscored how this joint statement against Amendment One from representatives on both sides of the political spectrum represents a trend emerging throughout the state. “This powerful new web ad illustrates the growing consensus among North Carolinians against the dangerous harms of Amendment One,” said Jeremy Kennedy, campaign manager for Protect All NC Families. “It’s remarkable how such a divisive referendum has, in turn, brought together so many people from all political stripes, personal backgrounds, and perspectives, for one common purpose: to protect our state’s families by voting against on May 8.”

And now is the time to give, because the first TV ads against A1 are ready to roll to show voters about the harms of Amendment One and why they should “vote against” on May 8.

People should compare and contrast the calibre of spokespeople on the anti-Amendment side  in the ad below vs. what the Vote for Marriage NC people have featured in their latest ad, covered by Alvin McEwen on the Blend (Vote for MarriageNC ad filled with misrepresentations and false views) – none other than Rev. Patrick Wooden, who said “I don’t have any animus against the gay community” but in interviews has gone on at length about gay men needing diapers and using cell phones as sex toys.


Also, North Carolinians are speaking out in counties large and small. Look at the public response to the Gaston County Commissioners resolution to support Amendment One, organized by Gaston County Democratic Party Chairman Robert Kellogg.


Please join us if you believe

The Gaston County Commissioners Will

Not Silence Your Vote Against Amendment One

What:  A silent demonstration!

When:  Thursday, April 12th.

Time:  5:00 pm.

Where:  Walk begins in front of the Board of Elections (Franklin Blvd.) and ends at the Gaston County Courthouse (Long Avenue).


We will wear black and have tape over our mouths to signify the death of individual freedom and the Commissioners desire to silence our vote.  We will stand outside the courthouse for 15 minutes in silent contemplation.  We will also attend the meeting and sign up to speak up and out against this amendment.


Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding

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