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The Diplomatic Principle of “Psych!”

iTunes connoisseur and murderous despot Assad via spdl_n1 at

From the ‘Who could have anticipated?’ files:

Contradicting reports from the United Nations last week that Syria’s government had agreed to a cease fire that would have gone into effect on Thursday, the Syrian government said Sunday it would not withdraw troops from restive areas unless it received “written agreements” from armed rebels dedicated to the ouster of Syrian president Bashar al Assad.

When have such initial reports a cease-fire ever not had a major hitch, short of forced immediate capitulation?

What the Assad government wants, of course, is for the opposition to lay down their arms, promise to not oppose him and for foreign governments to stop supporting the opposition.

And with that the article continues with a line from the annals of understatement:

Such an agreement appears unlikely


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