Occupy Mancos, CO: The Importance of Small Occupies


("I believe the town in the valley is Mancos, CO" by SFAntti, courtesy of

We’ve been Occupying this tiny town in the Four Corners area since last October to beneficial effect, imo. I introduced readers to our wee Occupation here back in January (includes very funky and cool photos), and this past Saturday it occurred to me to share our recent experiences and small victories with you in hopes that you may be inspired to engage in similar efforts.

This photo of the valley was taken at the Mancos Overlook on the way up to Mesa Verde National Park; the town of 1334 residents is visible if you squint a bit; Mr. wendydavis and I live at the right side of the picture under the small mountain named Menefee, just about halfway down the photo; the lovely La Plata range is above.

We’re in Montezuma County, which the late Edward Abbey long ago dubbed ‘Dipstick County, Colorado. He’s right, and by and large it’s a pretty red county, and it’s clear by now that no Dems or Indies should run for County Commissioner unless said person enjoys sadistic humiliation at the ballot box. But as all areas have wonderful and kind residents, this county is no exception; once upon a time we even had a vibrant Democratic Party in which I was extremely active, but those days are distant memories now.

A contingent of recent arrivals hope to make Mancos the next Sedona artiste community, so we’re now a mix of salty ranchers, farmers, latte liberals and small-time entrepreneurs. The population is mainly anglo, with about 15% of the population is Mexican/Hispanic/Native American.

Our Occupy consists of two members, Mr. wendydavis and myownself, and we Occupy a corner at the intersection of the only two paved streets in town on Saturdays for an hour at about one o’clock.

Now and again different folks have let us know that they’d join us, but as they’ve all been the Move-On/American Spring adherents, we mumble grateful declines. Beyond philosophical differences over the purpose of the democracy movement, we both believe that small is better, which conviction I’ll explain soon. [cont’d.]

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