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Sunday Late Night: Break Time for This Bear

Tonight’s Sunday Late Night will be my last until the end of this month. I’m taking a break from the WWW to travel east to tend to my mom’s independence in her own home, meeting with nursing aide agencies who visit her now, trying to get a sense firsthand of her capabilities since her recent (short) hospitalization, and having (more) serious conversations about how much longer she plans to stay in her home of forty-plus years. I hope to help understand how long she can actually afford her significant running expenses under the current arrangement, rather than transitioning to her excellent pre-selected independent living facility. I think this task deserves 100% commitment without the distraction of online life. Also, cold turkey from the ‘Net for a bit seems attractive. No offense to any of you; it’s those other people.

Firedoglake has been kind enough to allow me to choose a guest host for the next two Sunday Late Night slots to entertain and, possibly, appall you. I’ve asked Portland’s own Cocktailhag to substitute in April (she drinks, you know). So — treat her right and don’t hesitate to complain to management about her frequent taste transgressions. As John Scarecrow Chandley reminds me, I’m never too far from a Starbucks, so I may drop in at inopportune times to monitor your behavior and call out folks I think aren’t treating our guest host well.

Be Aware.

In the meantime… FreewayBlogger has begun ecotour2012 in Southern California and is soliciting ideas and contributions to this year’s West Coast celebration of What’s Wrong With Our Planet? — here. And don’t miss Eschaton’s countdown to the Wanker of the Decade. Duncan’s about halfway through the list; the most recent awardee is here. Finally, all those Palin starbursts pay off for Rich Lowry, as he does a frightfully polite thing for a rightwing publication founded in the deep need for genteel racism: rips off the bandaid and fires the suppurating sore underneath. Firing outspoken racists??? Bill Buckley must be rolling in his well-upholstered and -accessorized grave.

Have a wonderful April, readers. Unlike Marcy Wheeler’s, my breaks from blogging don’t result in earth-shattering national security news, so I fully expect this month’s quota to have already been met by the new obsession over Hillary’s scrunchies. Enjoy!

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge