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UPDATED: Fox News 35 Orlando calls armed neo-Nazi org in Sanford, FL a ‘civil rights group’

Wow. Breathtaking point of view from the editors at My Fox 35 Orlando (link dead now; screencap 3:50 PM, 4/8):

Does anyone down there at FOX35 know how to use “the Google?” The National Socialist Movement is designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

NSM ideology mirrors that of the original American Nazi Party. The group openly idolizes Adolf Hitler, described in NSM propaganda as, “Our Fuhrer, the beloved Holy Father of our age … a visionary in every respect.” NSM says only heterosexual “pure-blood whites” should be allowed U.S. citizenship and that all nonwhites should be deported, regardless of legal status. As Schoep put it: “The Constitution was written by white men alone. Therefore, it was intended for whites alone.”

UPDATE (6:45 PM ET): I guess someone editing the MyFox site got wind of the Twitter-sh*tstorm over this and tried to paper over it, still not pointing out it’s a neo-Nazi hate group. That’s journalism, for you.

10:41 PM: Take 3:


Armed Neo-Nazis descend into Sanford, FL to show ‘solidarity with the white community’ there

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding