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The Racket


Racket – 4.  a dishonest scheme, trick, business, activity, etc

I often refer to the Republican Party as an organized crime syndicate, I believe it to be an entirely fair description of their activities both legal and illegal and of the trademark dishonesty that underpins about 98% of their legislative objectives.  Occasionally they will say something truthful or even pass a law that is not completely disastrous or a rip off to the working class, but these incidents are almost entirely by accident and represent a sharp deviation from the norm.

Whenever I have occasion to speak about politics, people are often surprised to hear me call the GOP a collection of criminals, this response continually amazes me. After all, the very heartbeat of CONservatsim, the very foundational ideas of the GOP have been proven to be nothing but lies.

Tax cuts for the rich create jobs.  Lie.

Privatization of everything under the sun is more efficient and more cost effective. Lie.

Rich people are virtuous, hard workers, and left alone would be benevolent actors bringing prosperity to all in their circumference. Lie.

Poor people are lazy, shiftless and only poor because they won’t work. Lie.

The myth of ‘free trade’ and the belief that trade agreements would benefit the U.S. and partnership countries. Lie.

The list goes on but you get the picture.  There have been recessions and economic downturns for most of the years I can remember being alive, every ‘recovery’ during that time (the last 25 years or so) has been a recovery of the working class to lower living conditions and wages than where they started from.  The flip side has been that the well off get more well off, with every boom and bust of the economy somehow magically working out to leave the rich even richer than they were before.

After a few decades of the working class being turned upside down to have the loose change thrashed from their pockets every 5 to 7 years, you either get hip to the game or you’re just a mark by nature, destined to be conned out of your birthright by the first fast talking politician that appears on your tv screen.

It is precisely because the 5 to 7 year stick up has been going on for about 30 years that I point to racism, bigotry, and ignorance as the chief reason as to why a Republican Party can even exist anymore.  As Sherlock Holmes said, once you eliminate all other reasonable possibilities, then whatever remains no matter how illogical or improbable, that Must be the answer.

Back to the Conservative fundamentals of low taxes for rich folks, privatization and eliminating regulations, how is that working?  More precisely, how is that working in New Jersey where Gov. Chris Christie (former Lobbyist) is living out several CONservative wet dreams?  Well it’s NOT working at all.  Listen to Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks as he breaks it down.

Add one more piece of evidence to the great mountain that is the empirical body of work that proves beyond question that CONservatism is destructive to society and beneficial only to a small and select few.  The remaining morons, racists and bigots who buy CONservatism hook line and sinker are, among other things, hopeless marks.

To be fair and accurate, I add to the ranks of marks the Democrats who cling to the party as if it were a life raft when in fact it is an anvil. President Obama’s clever repackaging of CONservative and NeoLiberal policies wrapped in an absurdly thin ‘progressive’ rhetoric is only fooling marks, marks who deserve to have their pockets turned inside out every few years.

President Obama represents the new racket, the racket in which the slow advancement of CONservative and NeoLiberal policies will be advanced by someone who appears before you as ‘sensible’, ‘progressive’ and most importantly less crazy than the other choices.  Buy this crap at your own peril.

As for me, well, my parents didn’t raise me to be a mark, I am hardwired to stand up, push back, and if I get knocked down, to bring a bigger stick next time around.

For the vast majority of CONservatives who are NOT rich, I have a little message for you:

To the rich and powerful who unduly influence our government, YOU are no better than the minorities of African, Hispanic, Arabic, or any other non white heritage that YOU hate so much.  YOU are just another unit of cheaply bought and easily replaced labor.  Get over yourselves and join the rest of humanity.

For the country club Liberals, I have a little message for you:

If you aren’t at least contributing time, money, or effort to a progressive organization other than the DIMS and their various surrogates, then YOU are wasting your time and YOU are part of the problem.  The Democratic party is actively pumping out CONservative and NeoLiberal legislation, if You are ok with that then all  really is lost.

New rules, either you are a part of the racket or you are doing something to make things better, there is no more room for half measures and ceremonial ‘compromises’ where the working class gets burned as sacrifice at the altar.

After so long putting up with bullshit you eventually have to do some cleaning.  When I vote 3rd party (which I will be in every race from now on) I will be taking out an Insurance Policy on the future my children and grandchildren will grow into. I will NOT keep the racket going, I will NOT prop up a corrupted Democratic party out of fear and leave the hard work of cleaning up this mess to the subsequent generations.

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