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(Occupy Nashville) TN: I’m With The Stupid

Occupy Nashville 7 April 4
Tennessee has been in the news again, and as usual, not for very good reasons. Bills legalizing ignorance, stupidity, and greed are poised for take-off. The first two bills won’t even create “useful idiots,” but a totally useless variety, while the third eliminates the inheritance tax by 2016 (click on the PDF in the above link). Bill Howell of Tennesseans For Fair Taxation predicted passage of SB 3762/HB 3760 was pretty much a done deal at GA today.

In a recent interview on The Young Turks , Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen noted how TN’s voter demographic is changing to a deeper red as retirees are moving here due to the lack of a state income tax. Our State nickname is being adjusted to “The Voluntarily Stupid State.”

Fortunately, sentient Tennesseans have been standing up. Just this week, some 3,200 signatures were delivered to Gov. Haslam (There’s still time to add more, and call the Governor’s office if you feel so inclined), courtesy of MoveOn and friend of FDL Bill McKibben’s
Occupy Nashville 7 April 1
Occupy Nashville has not been idle, either. After last week’s successful “sleep over,” they featured Sizwe Herring of Earth Matters Networks speaking about “Occupy Permaculture: Designing an Enlightened, Ancient Future Together.” (I only wish I had known about him earlier.) Upcoming events with him are here.
Occupy Nashville 7 April 3
This evening (7 April) will feature ON’s contributions to Nashville’s “Art Crawl.” Would you crawl around with these paintings?
Occupy Nashville 7 April 2

As it’s Spring, an Occupier’s thoughts turn to May Day, and ON is no no exception. Today, preliminary plans were sketched out for for a day at Centennial Park, starting at 11 am with a history teach-in, followed by a lunch, and possibly protest training in the afternoon. They are waiting to finalize plans with Occupy Vanderbilt

Because if we don’t succeed, this is what awaits us.

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