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Mounted Cops Make Arrests at Reconstituted OccupyMN Protests — UPDATE: Local Reporters Assaulted, Arrested

Live broadcast by Ustream

This just in from OccupyMN on Twitter:

“5 or 6 arrests at 9th and Nicollet including media and legal observer”

Make that eight arrests at least.

There’s a link above to the Ustream live coverage of the arrests. Apparently the MPD had been planning this from the get-go. A Tweet from three hours ago indicates MPD was tailing the Occupiers:

“Took the street, #mpd on our tail. Whose streets? OUR STREETS”

Undaunted, OccupyMN is now back at the Peoples’ Plaza (aka the Hennepin County Government Plaza) for a meeting in solidarity with their jailed Occupier kindred. Follow the OccupyMN Twitter feed for more information as it happens.

UPDATE — 10:00 am, April 8: This just came to me via email:

I believe this is KSTP videographer cnelson getting assaulted last night — the second journalist arrested [PW adds: Andrew Neef, OccupyTV] was released but his camera has not been released yet, however its wide lens would also show another close angle of the assault.

unedited version (because all too often we get the claim there is
selective editing):

slow-motion version shows more clearly the action:
these videos are available as creative commons with attribution to

Other videos from last night are posted at .

More videos from other videographers present and photo stills are
available at mostly under Creative Commons
Best regards,
Dan Feidt

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