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  • “JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, received over $23 million in compensation in 2011, up 11 percent from the previous year. Wall Street’s most profitable bank had its second straight year of record profit in 2011 with $19 billion in net income, said Bloomberg.”
  • “Debt from student loans has exceeded an estimated $1tn in the US for the first time, surpassing credit card debt. And more and more recent graduates are having difficulty finding jobs to help them pay off their loans. It is a burden that some economists say is threatening any economic recovery in the US.”
  • “Julian Assange has claimed he has suffered from inaccurate and negative media coverage ‘possibly on a scale not seen since the abuse of the McCanns’. The WikiLeaks founder criticised newspaper and magazine watchdog the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) for its handling of his complaints.”
  • “Mali is on the brink of a major humanitarian disaster following a coup and rebellion in the north, Amnesty International says. The human rights group says aid agencies must be allowed immediate access to the country, to prevent more civilians dying.”
  • TRNN: “Is Netanyahu Bluffing? Gareth Porter: Netanyahu is telling the Israeli people an attack on Iran will not cost much, but is the real objective to destroy the Iranian economy through sanctions?”
  • “After a brief respite in the air assault on Al Qaeda militants in Yemen, Sanaa and Washington’s warplanes are again scrambling.”
  • “There has been an increase in the number of children in Pakistan addicted to heroin. While there is some help offered in the form of the family-run Dost Foundation charity, the weak economy of the country has made it harder to provide support.”
  • “Every week there is a flurry of stories about the ever-widening impact of economic sanctions on Iran. This week, officials in both South Africa and Greece said they would stop importing Iranian oil. But what does this really mean?”
  • “As the US-led NATO forces prepare for their 2014 withdrawal from Afghanistan, the hype around ‘peace talks’ with the Taliban has overshadowed many questions that remain in the minds of the average Afghan. Amid a sense of urgency for a solution to the decade-long war – for which, the south of the country has unevenly carried the brunt – the unaddressed issues could come back to derail any short-term deal.”

Happy Easter.

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