Barack Obama Has Got 99 Problems

The Free Bacon explains that Obama is hatin’ on women just as much as the Republicans with their forced transvaginal probing and slut shaming and “no contraception for you” and “12 Labours of Hercules before you can have your perfectly legal medical procedure”:

President Obama believes it is “long past the time” for women to be admitted to the traditionally all-male Augusta National Golf Club, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Thursday.


The president himself, however, has a well-documented history of excluding women, especially on the golf course.

Obama played 23 rounds of golf between January and October of 2009 before inviting a single woman to his foursome, the New York Times reported. This was emblematic of broader concerns over the president’s preference for the company and advice of men:

But wait, there’s more:

In a 2011 article titled “The White House Boys’ Club: President Obama Has a Woman Problem,” TIME magazine’s Amy Sullivan detailed the president’s fondness for male-dominated enviroments.

“There’s a looseness to Obama when he’s hanging out with the boys club that doesn’t appear in co-ed gatherings,” she wrote. “The President blows off steam on the golf course with male colleagues and friends. He takes to the White House basketball court with NBA stars, men’s college players, and male cabinet members and members of Congress.”

It’s like they’re hardly even trying…

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