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AngryArabiya Arrested at Jail Where AlKhawaja Is Dying

This photo shows Abdulhadi Al Khawaja in his 57th day of a hunger strike, on this his 51st birthday. Protests across Bahrain calling for his release have been put down with considerable violence on the part of the US backed Bahrain government.

Al Khawaja’s daughter, Zeinab who tweets as AngryArabiya went to the gate of the Ministry of Interior Fort jail where Al Khawaja is being held and called to him.

While Al Khawaja was nearing death, US Ambassador Thomas Krajeski has been meeting with the Bahraini Deputy Prime Minister to go over plans for the “US Week” events at the end of May and visiting US congressman:

Dan Burton paid tribute to HM the King for his statesmanship and serious steps to modernize the Kingdom and promote reforms, reiterating his country’s support.

Burton is joined on this trip to Bahrain by Rep. Marcia Flood and

Rep. Eni Faleomavaega, a Democrat and nonvoting representative of American Samoa; Rep. Jim Himes, a Connecticut Democrat; … and an aide to Sen. Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat.

This “cultural” visit was organized by the Humpty Dumpty Institute, a nonprofit founded by the author of the “Chicken Soup” books:

The trip, which began Saturday and ends tomorrow, is sponsored by the Humpty Dumpty Institute. The Institute says on its website that it tries to find unique solutions to humanitarian problems.

Of course, there’s no sign that either the visiting Congress members, the US Ambassador or the HDI are doing anything to speak for the people of Bahrain who are dying for simple democracy.

Zeinab’s sister, Maryam Al Khawaja reports:

Zainab Alkhawaja @angryarabiya is going to be held until Saturday then taken to public prosecution via lawyer #bahrain #feb14

and that Zeinab along with many others are also on hunger strike. In the Bahraini villages where people protested the continued detention of Al Khawaja and the government’s refusal to act on its promises of reform, tear gas once again filled the air and there were multiple reports of protesters beaten and severely injured.

As Amal, a Bahraini writer, noted on twitter:

I heard @angryarabiya , shouting “baba baba”… I can’t get it off my mind.. I keep hearing it again and again in my head. Grow a heart.

Photo made available by @angryarabiya.

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