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One Truthful Thing About the 2012 Election

I have to go to bed soon. Food, clothing, shelter, work(and I know I’m lucky there), and all that. So I’ll be brief. Apologies if I don’t reply to everyone for a day.

This election has something in common with World War II.  No matter what Allied propaganda said about the Axis, the truth turned out to be worse. Likewise, in this election, pretty much everything the Obama campaign says about Romney will be true, or worse. Conversely, pretty much everything the Romney campaign says about Obama will also be true.  Or worse.

You see, they don’t even have to lie about each other to get their point across. Oh, they’ll lie about themselves, but they don’t have to lie about each other, so why bother?  Romney will say that Obama is incompetent and destroying the economy. Obama will say that Romney is out of touch and supporting a radical, Social Darwinist agenda.

Both are telling the truth about each other,  and both are lying about themselves.

And neither one will ever get anywhere close to the heart of  the mental illness that is gnawing away at the lives of the vast majority of the American people, which, to be fair, most of us don’t want to recognize, either. And that is capitalism itself. The ONLY objective of capitalism is the creation of more capital, by any means available. The mostest and the soonest. That’s it. It’s really quite simple.

Greed and lust for profit rule. For now.

It can’t last. It doesn’t freakin’ WORK, not for most of us, anyway. In the long run, it doesn’t even work for the top 10% or so, though this time around they have no FDR to save them from themselves.

In sum, this presidential election is a sick joke. That is all.





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