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  • “Shares in the City suffered their biggest fall in more than four months today as global financial markets were unnerved by a fresh flare-up in Europe’s debt crisis and hints that America’s central bank is reluctant to pump more cash into the world’s biggest economy.”
  • “Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao said today on China National Radio that the country’s biggest state-run banks have too much power and should be broken up, the New York Times reported.”
  • “The United States has announced that it will ease some sanctions against Burma. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said some travel and financial restrictions would be relaxed, with Burmese leaders allowed to visit the US.”
  • “America is exceptional and not in decline, Barack Obama insisted in his most recent State of the Union address. Mitt Romney, his leading GOP rival, insists against the opinion of most economists that the US economy can achieve average annual growth of 4 percent a year and anyone who says otherwise is a defeatist. In fact, both are dead wrong.”
  • “Fuel has started arriving in the Gaza Strip as a result of a deal between the territory’s Hamas-led government and the rival Palestinian Authority. Raid Futuh, co-ordinator of the Palestinian side of the Kerem Shalom crossing, said tankers of Israeli diesel had begun arriving on Wednesday.”
  • “The right wing in Israel is accustomed to getting its way. Just consider the vast and controversial settlements on the West Bank. This powerful faction thought it had boosted its power even further when Asher Dan Grunis was appointed chief justice of the Supreme Court.”
  • “When the band of internet activists known as the Pirate Party came from nowhere last September to win close to 9 percent in Berlin’s state election, there was still a sense that this could be a flash in the pan.” Is every day Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day with these people? Haul away there, ye swabs.
  • “Whether it’s Anonymous, LulzSec or LulzSec Reborn, the information dissemination tool of choice for global hacker collectives has usually been, a site that simply hosts text. However, pastebin is no longer taking kindly to hackers using their site to publish hacked data and personal information.”
  • “A newly described relative of Tyrannosaurus rex is the largest known feathered animal – living or extinct. The feathered meat-eating dinosaur lived about 125 million years ago and is estimated to have weighed a whopping 1,400kg as an adult.”

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