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The State that time forgot (probably on purpose)

As disgusting as it may be to see Tennessee revisit one of its historical low-lights, I guess any time spent on this does keep their legislators from pissing in their pants about Sharia law or salivating at the thought of mechanical rape:

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam (R) will “probably” sign a bill meant to protect teachers who allow students to question and criticize “controversial” scientific theories such as evolution, he told reporters on Monday.

The measure, which has been dubbed the “monkey bill” by critics who claim it’s a backdoor approval of religious teachings in public schools, passed votes in the state Senate and House last month.

Students getting to quote fundamentalist talking points in biology class…awesome.

I guess we can dig up zombie William Jennings Bryan now to celebrate, he’ll find plenty of unused brains along the Cumberland River.

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