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That Fine Republican Work Ethic: Minnesota Edition

Oh, the poor babies!

Minnesota legislators are edging toward a historically early end to the legislative session, potentially ditching dozens of prized initiatives in their determination to head home and hit the campaign trail.

The race toward early adjournment is revealing a fresh divide among Republicans who control the Legislature: some who want to end this week and others who want to soldier on well into April to complete a more ambitious agenda — maybe even a new Minnesota Vikings stadium.

Legislators have much at stake in the session’s outcome, particularly as they face re-election in districts with newly redrawn political boundaries. If they get bogged down in controversial proposals, they risk alienating or angering voters. That has many arguing for a stripped-down agenda and a quick exit.

“As far as I am concerned, if we can block a whole bunch of spending in a bonding bill and get the photo ID bill done, that’s enough,” said Sen. Dave Thompson, R-Lakeville, who faces his first re-election.

In other words, Dapper Dave’s priorities are screwing over his constituents by denying them the needed infrastructure improvements a bonding bill would provide, and using the Kiffmeyer-ALEC Voter ID ballot initiative to make sure large numbers of his constituents won’t be able to vote after the upcoming November election. Nothing else matters, besides his getting re-elected.

Interestingly, Thompson was recently involved in what looked like a wee bit of legislative kabuki concerning an effort by Democratic lawmakers to amend a bill with the “ALEC ID” amendment, which would have forced influential groups like ALEC to be more forthcoming with how and who they influence. Check out this description of his behavior — it looks very much like he was waiting for amendment foe (and ALEC member) Kvetchin’ Gretchen Hoffman to let him know that there were enough “no” votes on the GOP side to kill the thing before he cast what would now be his second-to-last (and meaningless) “yes” vote.

But Dapper Dave Thompson’s not the only RPM legislator — or even the only RPM senator — with strange work habits. Check out this documentation of the work ethic, such as it is, of fellow Senator Mike Parry, who is vying with Theocon and Bachmann ally Allen Quist for the right to lose big to Tim Walz in MN-01 this November. (One of the videos at that link graces this post.)

You know, if working is just too darned hard for them, that could be fixed this November.

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