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Our Sniveling President

Per Barry “the poor dear” Obama:

Cap and trade was originally proposed by Republicans … now they say we shouldn’t even be thinking about environmental protection. … The individual mandate … originated as a conservative idea. … Now suddenly this is some socialist overreach. So, as all of you are doing your reporting, I think it’s important to remember that the positions I’m taking now on the budget and a whole host of other issues … [20 years ago] would have been squarely centrist.

So, he’s whimpering to us that, in spite of the fact that he sold us out to the GOP, those horrible GOP boys are still calling him awful names like “socialist.”

How would you like to have him as your lawyer? He’d talk you into pleading guilty and then complain that the DA still didn’t buy him lunch.

In fact, U.S. politics has become a perfect illustration of Hotelling’s theory of product differentiation, which is illustrated in economics classes by a scenario where two ice-cream vendors compete for business along a segment of beach: each gains the advantage of being the closest vendor to more beach-goers by moving closer to the center of the beach. Ultimately, there will be “no daylight between them.”

But, as Glenn Greenwald frequently points out, the two parties are nowhere near the center of voter opinion. Well, duh! The politicians are going not for the center of the electorate but rather for the center of the sponsorship, i.e., the center of the 1%. That fact appalls Glenzilla and the ACLU, but IIRC both favored the Citizens United ruling. Speech is free but getting heard isn’t.

IMHO, the only way to deal with our sniveling president is to Nader him, or better yet to convince him that we might.

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