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Obama The Sexual Deviant?

At the behest of the Obama DOJ, SCOTUS has just ruled that police strip searches are legal in all cases of arrest, even the slightest offense(jaywalking, minor traffic offenses, protesting). Any liberty loving non-authoritarian should be outraged at the idea of a strip search that has more to do with humiliation and a sub/dom erotic thrill than jail security, and is fundamentally an undemocratic and monstrous violation of human rights. But if you are a true believer in the Democratic Party and Obama you should be thrilled!


Since most interactions between the police and the arrested are recorded, smile! When you are stripped, searched and they shine a flashlight into your orifices there’s a pretty good chance you will end up on tape. And if you are lucky, the President himself may get the opportunity to kickback with a glass of wine and enjoy the videos of the “search” of your naked body.


What a glorious honor! This charismatic man—a singer who adult Democratic women squeal for, just like teens do for Justin Bieber; a dancer for whom women swoon and get wet—may finally pay attention to progressives and protesters, to the common man and woman(even if it is just from behind).


So all you protesters across the country make sure you take a bath, shave those stray pubes and comb your hair. Because you never know, the next time you are arrested and humiliatingly manhandled by the police, Obama may be watching! So relax and enjoy it!

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