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Wherein metamars decides to ban himself, until he completes his democracy friendly project

I’ve decided to ban myself from posting diaries and comments, until I complete my democracy-friendly project, details of which I will then post, here. That project looks to support legal aspects of OWS, but more importantly, looks to supersede it. Hopefully, some members of the FDL community will agree to help beta test, if they find the basic features promising in terms of facilitating correction to our sick democracy.

Plus, there will be some purely social aspects, which is also very much needed in what is often a sad and lonely society. As mother Teresa has said,

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.

I was banned from dailykos a few weeks ago, and immediately experienced a palpable sense of relief. I think that event, and especially my somewhat surprising reaction to it, has meaning for me that has sort of been percolating in my psyche, since then. The sense of having a burden lifted is healing, to a greater or lesser degree. Well, if spending many hours in verbal disagreements with people who are hostile is something that one needs healing from, maybe I shouldn’t have been doing so, in the first place.

Perhaps, when I return with my announcement, it will prove to be a temporary blip, and I will still refrain from frequent posting. I sort of hope so – no offense intended to anybody. It just seems like a poor use of my time, and it’s not like I have any deficit of projects that would be of more use, to my fellow man, than frequent commenting and arguing. My resume says “unusually creative”, for a reason. I’ve basically failed to communicate my visions, sufficiently to inspire anybody to pick up the ball and run with it, until the vision was made real. Thankfully, I have the skills and opportunity to manifest some of them, by myself, at least initially.

Plus, spring is in the air, hallelujah. I’m going to be spending more time stopping to smell the roses.

Best wishes to all,

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