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Video: Conservatives Cast Doubt on Amendment One + money bomb totals

Last week, it was shocking to see so many staunch conservatives lining up to tell the media that they oppose Amendment One. Some of the people you’ll see on this video would have either weighed in on the side of social conservatives or remained silent as a ballot initiative threatened to take away the rights of North Carolinians. But times have changed

And here’s an update on the Money Bomb campaign from last week. From Protect All NC Families:

The totals are in… we raised $173,342 including the matching donation and donations through our website. Yesterday a young lady called in who said she was so inspired that she was going to donate $12,000 (included in the total).

We have a reason to believe that this is the highest one week total for online fundraising in NC political history.

The opposition have purchased around $400,000 in air time beginning on April 23 indicating that they expect to have $1,000,000 to air on television, when combined with their faith outreach program we estimate that we are $750,000-$1,000,000 away from the money that we need to win.

And we can do it — tomorrow the Blend will feature an exclusive interview with NC-based philanthropist and businessman Bob Page, a native of the state, who urges donors who have been on the sidelines to date to get in the game to defeat Amendment One.

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