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Watch: 15-year-old Bull City resident’s video of church members opposing Amendment One

Sometimes the most powerful statements about equality come from the grassroots — not any official campaign. Here is a video (hat tip to my neighbors here in Durham, George and Linda Thompson). A 15-year-old, Carter Smith, made a video against Amendment One, interviewing people in their church.

At first you will see short statements against the discriminatory ballot initiative, that will ban not only same-sex marriage by amendment our state constitution, but it will ban civil unions and eliminate all domestic partnerships that municipalities and counties have granted to same-sex couples in North Carolina. But about a minute or so in, people start articulating why this amendment will harm so many in the state, and why they support legal recognition of same-sex couples.

Thank you, Carter for creatively showing why Durhamites are speaking out — and will vote against Amendment One on May 8.

We need to get on the air with commercials featuring the voices of people who oppose Amendment One. They are needed to educate voters about the harms and impact of the amendment — and the latest PPP poll suggests  many voters do not know what the ballot initiative means, but when told,  42% oppose the amendment.

Please contribute at ActBlue — and you can also donate here:


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Watch: 15-Year-Old North Carolinian's Video of Church Members Opposing Amendment One

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding