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NC Money Bomb blow-out: couple offers to match donations today up to $25K to defeat Amendment One

Big announcement from Protect All NC Families this AM: “A generous businesswoman and her husband have stepped up to offer a $25,000 matching gift to our campaign. This means that every dollar that you give to us will be doubled up to $25,000 — which would mean an additional $50,000 for our campaign.”

And in other news, the opposition — the proponents of the amendment, Vote for Marriage NC, which is following the NOM race-baiting homophobic playbook — plan to go on the air with commercials soon. They have hired the media consultant behind the Prop 8 and Maine campaigns to massage the message of discrimination.

We have also received information that Vote for Marriage NC has purchased air time beginning on April 23, very likely to showcase the special kind of ugliness that Frank Schubert can cook up.

Mark Armour and Chad Griffin are producing our ads now and we hope to be able to go on the air soon. The momentum is palpable. Just yesterday we had two major editorials from conservative papers keying on the conservative opposition to the amendment. Our field offices are humming. More and more North Carolinians are stepping up and we can carry this momentum forward.

And the anti-Amendment editorials and conservatives in NC continue to make the case that this Amendment is wrong for the state. From the Salisbury, NC editorial “Tillis speaks truth on Amendment One“:

Kudos to Richard Vinroot, former Charlotte mayor and GOP gubernatorial candidate, for taking a cue from Tillis’ statement and publicly opposing Amendment One. Vinroot said he saw no point in amending the Constitution for something even the Republican House speaker considers tenuous.

Amendments should have lasting values that underscore our freedoms. This one is a last-gasp effort to control lifestyles by restricting rights. If it cannot stand the test of time, Amendment One should not stand at all.

And the Daily Reflector’s “Editorial: Same-sex amendment dissent“:

Same-sex marriage is already illegal here, but Republican leaders in the General Assembly insisted on the need to codify that discrimination in the state Constitution. That they are backing away mere weeks before the primary election lends credence to the belief that this is little more than a cheap ploy to drive up conservative turnout. Demeaning homosexuals for political gain would be a despicable act, one that should have no place in North Carolina.


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding