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  • “Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a fiery leftist whose anti-capitalist agenda has shaken up France’s presidential race, has gained four percentage points in two weeks in the polls – a result that would see him seize the third spot in the first round vote. The same poll, for LH2/Yahoo, suggested Socialist challenger François Hollande would win the first round on 22 April with 28.5% of the vote.”
  • “If Burma ever needed a moment to rejoice, this was it. In a nation ruled by an often brutal military junta for nearly half a century, Aung San Suu Kyi’s apparent victory in Sunday’s parliamentary by-election could not be exaggerated.”
  • “The world watches today as Myanmar goes to the polls to elect 45 new members of parliament….But in the mountainous regions of Kachin State in northern Myanmar (formerly Burma), a different story is unfolding. Since June 2011, bloody fighting has raged between government troops and ethnic Kachin rebels, displacing tens of thousands of civilians.”
  • “Tuareg separatist rebels in Mali say they have seized the historic town of Timbuktu after a rapid advance through the north of the country. A statement said they had “control of the entire region” of Timbuktu, and had ended the Malian ‘occupation’.”
  • “Bloggers hoping to put themselves on a more robust financial footing and close the gap between them and fully paid journalists are vowing to fight on after a New York court dismissed their multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the Huffington Post calling for compensation for exploitation of its army of unpaid commentators.”
  • “Pope Benedict XVI achieved a small, political miracle in this municipality of farms and factories, 220 miles northwest of Mexico City. Last Sunday, his Mass brought together the country’s four presidential candidates, just five days prior to the start of campaigning for the July 1 election.”
  • “Rome’s collapse inspired many gripping tales, from Gibbon’s history to Dune and Battlestar Galactica. The story of Arthur’s Camelot has its origins in this era of political convulsion, as does a narrative that has taken on vast global importance – the foundation of Islam.”

  • “Thousands of Arabs marched on Friday to protest against Israeli expropriation of Arab lands and the “judaziation” of Jerusalem, though the Land Day demonstrations, which were billed both the Global March on Jerusalem and the Million Man March, fell far short of organizer’s hopes.”
  • For those who missed this over the weekend. “George Galloway‘s stunning electoral triumph in the Bradford by-election has shaken the petrified world of English politics. It was unexpected, and for that reason the Respect campaign was treated by much of the media (Helen Pidd of the Guardian being an honourable exception) as a loony fringe show. A BBC toady, an obviously partisan compere on a local TV election show, who tried to mock and insult Galloway, should be made to eat his excremental words.”
  • WBAI-FM, New York: Prof Richard Wolff’s Economic Update. General discussion. Scroll down to Saturday, 31 Mar 12:00pm.

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