At the very beginning of the GOP race, it was more or less assumed from the outset that all the other candidates were “not Romney” alternatives to eventually be found lacking. That opinion was almost as prevalent in the leftie alternative media as it was in the MSM.


It’s interesting to me that the GOP’s new hill to die on is the ACA, and it was Romney who kind of invented it, in all its crappy “glory”, beyond  sub-standard by developed world standards, in Mass.


If we are to retain any social safety net at all in terms of healthcare in the US, we HAVE to actually fix our healthcare system. And fixing it will require some sort of actual “massive government takeover of healthcare”, which RomnObamacare is definitely not. This really is a matter of national security. Our healthcare costs are just off the charts and even more of a threat to our republic than even our shocking military expenditures. We can’t afford to both prop up gazillions of health care oligarchs and ALSO get health care to sick people. You can have one or the other. You can’t have both.


But Romneycare/Obamacare is designed to try to do a bit of both. The healthcare oligarchs are set up as perpetual beneficiaries of some perverted version of public utilities.


I suspect that Obama’s going to win, regardless. Wall Street is backing him (for good reason, from their POV!) But I’m still interested in wondering what would happen if Romney were to win. Would ObamaRomenyCare suddenly become hugely popular with the Fox viewers? Or would Romney just propose an identical bill and it would be seen as “better”” or “good” by most Republicans?

Alas, we’ll probably never know. It’s in the interests of the MIC and Wall Street to get Obama re-elected. And they tend to get what they want. I sadly suspect that those among us who are left watching from the sidelines will only be able to guess in futility about equally sad scenarios that almost could have happened.