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The Roundup for April Fool’s Day, 2012

I’d make some crack about this changing the name of the site to FireDogMountainSpring in protest of the acidification of our lakes, or make every link a Rick-roll, but are you really looking for that in a news site?

• Aung Sun Suu Kyi has won a Burmese election for a spot in the Parliament, according to her supporters.

• Here’s the definitive list of all the expiring measures set for the end of the year. We’re talking about trillions of dollars in provisions.

• I don’t think there’s any question that housing inventory has dropped, mostly due to speculators buying up foreclosed homes for rent. However, months of supply doesn’t take into account the mass of shadow inventory not on the market. It gets conveniently left out of housing forecasts.

• After the debacle of the JOBS Act, investors need a financial products agency more than ever. Maybe CFPB will incorporate this into their mission. Investors are consumers, too.

• Spain’s austerity cuts are sure to draw more protests – and only cause suffering rather than any economic advancement.

• Prediction: if the Affordable Care Act gets struck down, this won’t happen. In fact, pretty much nothing will change. And nobody at the federal level will want to touch health care for another 15-20 years.

• Of all the arguments over the constitutionality of the law, incidentally, I found this one the most compelling.

• Clearly the “cease-fire” negotiated in Syria is little more than a suggestion, one that the Assad regime simply won’t accept. And so you’re seeing more tiptoes toward assistance to the Syrian rebels.

• Bad call by the FDA to decline to ban BPA in food packaging. The California legislature has been working on this one for years, with middling success.

• And yet more sanctions for Iran.

• Tea Party members rallied to the side of labor in Georgia (really) to stop an anti-picketing bill from becoming law. But they had a host of other right-wing laws on their plate, including another salvo in the war on women. No wonder women are running away from the Republican Party in droves.

• Fascinating story about the author of DOMA, who is now working to repeal it.

• California’s high-speed rail authority introduced a revised plan that would save money. The untold story here is that the cost has risen due mostly to NIMBYism forcing re-routes and work-arounds. But as long as Jerry Brown’s Administration is on board, it has a fighting chance.

• I’m sure Democrats will get headlines for their Trayvon Martin bills, but until they have the guts to stand up to the gun lobby, it’s all noise.

• Speaking of Trayvon, NBC News really did a hatchet job on George Zimmerman in their segment, Franken-biting two of his comments away to make him look more racist, which was completely unnecessary.

• Privatization of public infrastructure, which I like to call “the selling of America,” is a crucial under-the-radar issue.

• I never thought HuffPo bloggers had a chance with this lawsuit, anyway.

• Defendants on trial now wear hipster glasses to try and engender sympathy among a jury.

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David Dayen

David Dayen