Divide and conquer works.  And it works really well on the willfully ignorant and those that would cut off their nose to spite their face.

Just read Esquire Magazine: Writer wanted to help convert class war into generational war. No skills required; pays top dollar..  Good piece.  Nice when FDL posts this stuff.  Shining a light on the malfeasance of the the 1% and their all-too-willing pawns.  Although I hear the gig does pay well.  All you have to do is sellout your fellow Americans.  Look around, this is the new American Exceptionalism.  Selling out is good.  Because greed is good.  And what could be more American than that.  How many liberal or progressive groups or people have to sellout before this becomes apparent?  Roosevelt Institute anyone?  How about other groups?  War is good?  How about groups like Komen?

Here’s a quick review for 2009:

Komen took in $331,328,414 in donations and revenues.
Komen’s General Administration costs, in 2009, were $37,148,000.
Their total fundraising costs across all programs were $29,496,000.

In the same year, the total amount given out, or allocated to:

  • Research was $70,147,000
  • Educational programs were $135,529,000
  • Screening was $39,653,000, and
  • Treatment assistance was $22,330,000.

Let’s stop right here for a moment and reflect.

A organization that is actively pursuing other small charities over the use of the term “for the cure” does NOT spend the majority of their own funds towards RESEARCH FOR A CURE.

What a silly goose.  Of course the majority doesn’t go to research.  That’s also why they no longer fund stem cell research to cure cancer.  If a cure was found, that 37 million gravy train for the execs would be gone.  And that’s not capitalism.  That’s not American, unless the few benefit.  The CEO makes 400k per year.  Does anyone think the CEO is going to give that up?  Are you kidding me?  The 1% like this world.  In it they are on top.  And everyone else … well they can “eat cake”.  (Oh ya, this is from Komen, but I’m sure they didn’t “fudge” the numbers to hide where the real money goes.  Komen would “never” do that, right?)

But back to the original diary about generational war.  Good piece, … and then I read the comments.  Sure there were comments that clearly saw that this was nothing more than more propaganda by the 1% to split the 99%.  Divide and conquer.

But some of the comments also showed that this strategy works.  Even here at FDL.  With “allies” like this, who needs enemies.  There were “old-timers” who were actually defending themselves and boomers.  If you have to “defend” yourself and the boomers, then you bought into the lie.  Good job.  While you geniuses are at it, why not defend the benefit of SS?  They want you on the defensive.  And they got you.  Point to the 1%.  And one even used the term “millennials” in a derogatory way.  Yo, morons, you just got pawned.  The whole point of the original Esquire piece was to divide and conquer.  And those comments showed that it does work.  Of course the boomers are not responsible.  Neither are the “youths”.  It’s not about that.  It’s about the 1% and the 99% and that’s it!  If you can’t understand that, … then you deserve what you get.  So keep on arguing amongst ourselves like fools, while the 1% chuckle.  On the plus side, these folks are like the majority of Americans, fighting amongst themselves while the bus goes off the cliff (nobody worry, the 1% aren’t on board, … wouldn’t want to get the stink of the 99% on them).

It’s the 1% against the 99%!  Fools that blame boomers for this or for 401ks bought the lie and are now ready to be used by the 1%.  As are the boomers who blame the “youths”, older generations, or whatever boogie man the 1% conjure to scare the willfully ignorant.  Congratulations, you got pawned.  Like most Americans, who blame … well we did the “blacks”, the “gays”, the “illegals”, “Godless heathens”, “brownies” (and more specifically Muslim “brownies”), “terrorists” (is there anyone the 1% can’t call a terrorist?), … so who’s next, … gee I really hope we go after vegans next (if you can’t go to your local store and buy meat from a dead animal, then are you even an American?).

So ya, keep fighting amongst yourself, just like the 1% want.

So that’s the rock and hard place people like me find ourselves.  The 1% are sociopaths that will suck the life out of this world and everything in it.  They can’t help it, … it’s in their nature.  So can’t side with them.

But so much willful ignorance and counter-productive BS by the majority.  Don’t care if you are a “liberal” (what like the Dems?  LMAO) or a “progressive” (RI and every other veal pen group selling out?  Sad and pathetic).

And this is why I can’t side with the majority of the 99%:

1) These folks are patsies lining up for the meat grinder, and smiling and applauding all the way,

2) Don’t tell me everyone who works at Health Insurance companies, or a host of other companies that destroy lives, are all conservatives.  Save that BS for someone else.  Everyone on Wall Street?  Everyone who works for energy companies?  Exxon?  Shell?  Chevron?  TVA?  etc …?  (selling out is the American way)

3) These folks are no different than those who work the gears of the machine.  The same machine that may chew and excrete their own children one day.  But willful ignorance is all the rage these days.

So keep fighting.  Like petulant children.  Every time the 99% fight themselves, a 1% smiles and cackles with laughter.