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In praise of the universal surveillance state. No shame in our game.

(photo: laverrue/flickr)

The left has fought tooth and nail as the proliferation of surveillance devices, both privately and publicly installed, continues apace.

I believe that this is an error.

One, we’ll never roll back the surveillance devices because they give to their controllers the irresistible superpowers of being in more than one place at once, and being invisible.

Two, we should welcome, not oppose universal surveillance.

The recent importance of chance police video of George Zimmerman has highlighted, not for the first time, the crucial evidentiary material contained in the records of such surveillance as to which the government is willingly (or inadvertently) subject.

Per contra, whole police departments have gone to court to oppose citizen cell phone videos conducted in the public streets.

To date, law enforcement, who would put cameras everywhere, fights cameras in the one place an honest cop wants it-the interrogation room, so he cannot later be accused of improper force.

This is another of the super powers of surveillance-the power to disambiguate. Instead of the victims word against the aggressor, the camera/recorder/gunshot locator, etc, brings clarity out of attempted perjury.

Viva Surveillance, may it be frequent, pervasive, and UBIQUITOUS

Thus, complete transparency in government. Nothing is said or done outside the public eye.

If they want to watch us, we get to watch them.

Speaking as a retired stripper, it’s only fair.

No shame in our game, no shame in theirs.

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