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Trayvon Martin And The N.C. Marriage Amendment

Here’s how the death of Trayvon Martin relates to the proposed North Carolina Marriage Amendment.

Before George Zimmerman ever set eyes on Trayvon Martin, he had a long, long history of judging black human beings negatively only because they were black.

The N.C. Amendment was proposed by the late Senator James Forrester.

Forrester had a long, long history of judging gay human beings negatively only because they were gay.

Trayvon faced hatreds only because he was a black human being, the same way that all homosexuals face hatreds only because they are gay human beings.

Right in the Carolinas, gay people have been killed only because they were gay. Sean Kennedy, for example, was knocked dead in 2007 by the anti-gay bigot Stephen Andrew Moller. Moller called Sean “faggot” right before he dealt him a killer blow.  He then called one of Sean’s friends and left this voice mail:  “You tell your faggot friend when he wakes up, he owes me five hundred dollars for my broken hand.”

The promoters and the backers of the N.C. marriage amendment are evil.

Their political strategy documents show them scheming to pit African-Americans and Latinos against gay human beings.

Those documents also show that anti-gay political organizations are scheming to get children raised by gay parents to condemn their parents to the public.

What kind of child might get raised by a gay parent?  Let me tell you about one family I know. The two men were in a loving relationship for years. One of the men’s brother and wife were killed in an accident, leaving behind their young daughter. The gay man and his male spouse were present in the hospital the day that little girl was born. They loved her. Her parents’ last will and testament assigned guardianship of the child to her uncle and the uncle’s male spouse, were something bad to happen.

Clearly, the little girl is better off with her uncle who loves her dearly than she would be if farmed out to an orphanage.

Yet those who support the North Carolina marriage amendment would deny legal benefits to that little girl, only because her guardians are gay.

That attitude is evil.

You might have noticed that support for Trayvon Martin, versus support for George Zimmerman, is split fairly well down party lines, with Republicans finding every means imaginable of demonizing Trayvon, though he is dead.

You may not yet understand this, but the really big prize for the supporters of the N.C. marriage amendment is knocking Barack Obama out of office. Don’t believe me?  Go ahead; read their own game plan for getting rid of President Obama. They talk about “Exposing Obama as a social radical” and about “developing side issues” towards their goal of hurting that orphaned little girl being raised by her gay uncle.

The 2012 election will not be decided in North Carolina on May 8.  Yet, were Republican gay bashers to get their anti-gay amendment in the state, it would put wind in their sails towards their goal of eliminating President Obama. Conversely, should the N.C. marriage amendment be voted down, Republicans would be sent a very strong message that their anti-black, anti-gay hatreds are not playing so well in the 21st century.

Let me give you another example of what is at stake. Democratic African-American Congressman of Illinois Bobbie Rush stood on the floor of the US Congress stating that racial profiling has got to end. To emphasize his point, Congressman Rush removed his suit jacket to reveal a hooded sweatshirt, and put the hoodie over his head.

The white Republican Congressman Gregg Harper of Mississippi, acting that day as “Speaker pro tempore,” treated the black Congressman Rush like a criminal and had him shut up by appealing to the Sargent of Arms in the Congress. Do you get what happened?


A black Democrat speaking on the floor of the U.S. Congress about justice for a dead black boy was treated like a criminal for doing so, by a white Republican.

By coincidence, the Republican Congressman Harper has voted against every gay rights measure ever presented to him, while the African-American Democratic Congressman Rush frequently has voted in favor of gay rights.

Now when you go to vote on the North Carolina marriage amendment on May 8, whose side do you want to be on?  The side of Congressman Rush, who begged for justice for Trayvon, or the side of the Republican Gregg Harper, who basically told Congressman Rush to shut up?

If you are on Congressman Rush’s side, vote AGAINST! on the hateful North Carolina marriage amendment on May 8.



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