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‘should you stay or should you leave’ occupynewhaven /vote!

Does OccupyNewHaven even have that luxury of choice? No matter a Federal Court Judge will decide the fate in the next several days! Do tents with political messages and sleeping overnight on ‘private’ property give you protection under the 1st Amendment? When is enough … enough? No permit… a liberal City Administration, a accepting Proprietor and a lenient and non aggressive Police Force equal five months of Activism and Protest on the Historic New Haven Green. Braving a winter in tents and personal sacrifices galore… spring blooms with Eviction notices taped to every single tent. A brilliant activist Attorney and legal team (Norm Pattis) lights up a usually boring Courtroom as all listened in ‘not a sound’ silence . So do you play it out to the end? Get arrested as the camp is thrown into a dumpster. Or, do the occupiers make a deal with the City and The Proprietors? Maybe even go out under your own choice making a powerful statement that announces OccupyNewHaven will continue to be a force in changing local issues as well as global. Is that ‘giving in’? Is their a better choice?

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