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Red Meat, Instead of Phony Foie Gras Middle Class Reformism

What about this Melenchon character running as an out and out communist in France and polling about 14%, with a bullet (Billboard-Hot100-metaphorically-speaking)?…

Master of the put down, he has dismissed Hollande as a “peddle boat captain heading into a storm” but saves his most virulent diatribes for Miss Le Pen, whom he has branded “half-demented”.Now both Hollande and Le Pen are starting to worry he is playing into the hands of one man: Nicolas Sarkozy, whose wooing of the FN electorate and emphasis on security, protectionism and immigration is bearing fruit. Sarkozy has cynically dispatched his aides to praise Mélenchon’s “talent” in the hope of further boosting his score.Hit by a pincer movement between Sarkozy and Mélenchon, Le Pen warned supporters this week: “Mélenchon started the campaign as Hollande’s broom wagon, today he’s Sarkozy’s best ally.” Buoyed by his rising popularity, Mélenchon is going for broke, saying today: “My intention is to overtake François Hollande.” Hollande has placidly urged Left-wing voters not to forget the shocking lessons of 2002, when a split vote for a host of leftist candidates saw Socialist Lionel Jospin knocked out by far-Right veteran Jean-Marie Le Pen.One result of the Mélenchon rise was Hollande’s surprise pledge to slap a 75 per cent tax on annual earnings above a million euros. The Socialists argue that he has done them a favour by increasing the combined forecast Left-vote for round one to between 40-44 per cent, well above the 35 per cent it managed in the first round of 2007.  

I don’t know even a bit about him but he seemingly pulls no punches, attacks the far right, the near right and the “socialists” all with equal gusto with the sarcastic panache of an internet troll (gotta love that about him) and he seems to be striking a minour,  if not yet a major, chord.

Where is the British Melenchon? The Greek? The Spanish?

This space to the “left of Labour” sorely needs opening and that opening has to begin in Europe.

For here in the US, I’m afraid, we all realise that a US Melenchon will be lynched, high tech or otherwise, if she reaches anything near 10% in the polls. This is why we’ve had to suffer the drip drip drip of third party fakes like Ralph Nader, whose “outsider” status no one can seriously rally around. The wan impotence of third party pinkos who nonetheless stir delusional dreaming among progressives every four years has been nothing short of a disaster for US leftism. If we are going to die of useless old age, at least lets go out choking on some red meat instead of the phony foie gras of middle class reformism.

The US left is terrified of its shadow since the 1960s…..and we’re too scared to bleed.  Like the apostles, we need a populist left leader to build upon.

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