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NC Money Bomb Day 5: faith communities come out against Amendment One

The latest report from Protect All NC Families about this week’s blogswarm and money bomb: “Contributions continue to swell – all told we are about to cross $70,000 online for the week. Please help us keep #firstinfight going.”

Based on the National Organization for Marriage and Vote for Marriage NC’s public pronouncements, not all faith communities support Amendment One. Yes, they can produce their black rent-a-pastors and their flocks to video tape faith-based arguments to take away rights of lesbian and gay couples in North Carolina (because some live in cities and counties that will see their domestic partnership ordinances eliminated if A1 passes), but many faith communities are speaking out against the May 8 ballot initiative. Ryan Rowe, Director of Faith Outreach, Protect All NC Families:

As a person of faith I have never been so inspired by the possibilities for love, unity and justice in North Carolina as I am at this moment.

As a United Methodist Christian, “preacher’s kid,” I see God transforming the very divisive Amendment One into an opportunity for every denomination and faith in NC to clearly agree on one thing—we will not let theological differences lead us to harm hundreds and thousands of our children and families.

But one does not need to be a person of faith to recognize the impact of organized congregations Against Amendment One, putting their faith into action can have on Amendment One.

After you give please watch this important and impactful video and consider passing along this powerful message. I’m excited to share this video, which is just one of many examples of the amazing faith leaders that are organizing and articulating a united faith voice against Amendment One around North Carolina.

Imagine what would it look like to say that the margin of victory that it took to DEFEAT Amendment One on May 8 was BECAUSE of the work of our faith community? That would send a powerful message nationally. And it all begins with you.

Look at this long list of faith leaders around the state against Amendment One, who signed this statement:

As clergy and leaders in our faith traditions, we are mandated by God to demonstrate and protect love in all its forms and to stand for justice for all of creation. In faithful response to this calling, we commit ourselves, along with thousands of other Christians, Jews, Muslims and other people of faith around North Carolina, to voice our opposition to Amendment One, to witness to the harms it would cause ALL of God’s children in North Carolina and to use the gifts God has given us to defeat this amendment.

We need to get on the air with commercials featuring the voices of people who oppose Amendment One. Those voices are needed to educate voters about the harms and impact of the amendment — and the latest PPP poll suggests  many voters do not know what the ballot initiative means, but when told,  42% oppose the amendment.

Please contribute at ActBlue — and you can also donate here:


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding