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Cavlan For US Senate Birthday Bash Report

This is just a very quick report on the March 24th birthday bash for Michael Cavlan for US Senate report.

I am  of course running for office in Minnesota to replace Democratic Party Senator Amy Klobuchar in the upcoming 2012 elections.

The birthday bash was itself a great success and also, for me a real eye opener. First the good news and then why it caused me, as an individual to take pause and realize just how important this is.

About 40 people showed up at MayDay Books in Minneapolis. I had made a huge dish of Irish Cottage Pie and my friend Lydia made some of her delicious and famous Texas Chili. The fundraiser raised a little over $550.

More important though, all the people who showed up along with the 40 odd people who called because they could not make it have all given their word that they will work for the campaign. Most importantly on gaining us the critical ballot access.In Minnesota we need 2000 signatures gathered in two weeks from May 24th to June 7th. These 80 people are just those living in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul.

We have already started calling and organizing throughout the state of Minnesota. The very next day we went to Garrison, Minnesota which is a two hour drive north of St Paul. That was another stellar and successful meeting.

Now to the section which has given me cause to pause.

The birthday bash was wonderful and also ever so telling. Yes, Senator Klobuchar has at last count $4.5 million. She also has the ears of the corporate media and various corporate friendly magazines. They are all promoting her. With words about how nice she is, how bi-partisan she is. In many ways comparing her to president Obama.

Our merry little and now rapidly growing campaign has something else. Something that the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the Minneapolis/St Paul Weekly refuse to even talk about.

Ordinary people, poor people. The fundraiser showed me this. Yes we raised $550 which by itself can be considered a raging success. However, when you analyze it further it tells me so much more. The $550 amount came from about seven people. The rest ate the food for free. Not because they were cheapskates or mean spirited but because they are poor. People like the wonderful homeless artist Larry. Who also donated a Celtic Circle piece of art, which is his specialty. People like Michael and Carol, who just had their home foreclosed and are now destitute. Chuck, the wonderful and weird beautiful man. All of these people have been shunned and set aside by the “beautiful people” who inhabit the political process today, as well as the corporate media. I am standing up for them. I have become, in a manner their voice. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously. Almost like a sacred vow. We are in fact fighting to create an actual representative democratic Republic.

We have something that these others, including the Amy Klobuchar or Doc Severson, the probable Republican nominee do not have. We have heart, we have Spirit. We have each other.

We also have something else. Knowledge that the Minneapolis Star Tribune or Minneapolis/St Paul Weekly or WCCO TV or any of these others either does not know or will try to make sure you do not know.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune releases articles praising Senator Klobuchar that tell us just how popular Senator Klobuchar is. We know otherwise. They do not report on the angry shouting matches going on, with Minnesota Trade Union officials actually yelling at the Senator. Or the Peace activists who have been protesting the Minnesota Senator for her support of, well take your pick these days.

We also know something else. We know that we are going to upset Minnesota and this nation. We are going to win.

To donate to the campaign, since we refuse to use paypal due to their treatment with Bradley Manning and Wikileaks issue, we ask you to send a snail mail with an old fashioned paper check to

Committee To Elect Michael Cavlan

333 Superior St

St Paul, MN 55102


Now- Welcome to our campaign these song.


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Michael Cavlan RN

Michael Cavlan RN