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This is how twisted Gingrich is

Remember this whole thing about Gingrich saying that union janitors in schools should be fired and replaced with kids? When I read that, I could not stop thinking, “Where the heck is THAT coming from?”

Well, now we know.

“During the Republican presidential debate this week, Newt Gingrich shared a story about how his daughter worked as a church janitor when she was only 13…Gingrich’s reference to his daughter’s youthful employment is part of an ongoing narrative for the former House speaker: Poor kids should start toiling as early as 9 years old so they can learn what it means to make a living. “I’m going to continue to find ways to help poor people learn how to get a job, learn how to get a better job and learn someday to own the job,” Gingrich said in the debate Monday..”

Gingrich daughters work

Now, let’s not bother to go into the child labor law violations here. Let’s look at what and why. here’s what we know:

? When Gingrich’s daughter took this job, she was 13 years old – she was born in 1966; this makes it somewhere in the 1979-1980 time frame.

? Gingrich filed his papers to divorce Jackie Battley (wife #1) on July 14, 1980. He was already in the affair with the woman who became Wife #2 for some time and they were married when the divorce became final in 1981. Jackie Battley responded to the court that she did not want a divorce from Gingrich at that time because … (wait for it…wait for it) he was basically not providing them with any sort of support.

? It is well known that their church in Georgia ‘supported’ Jackie and the girls during this period. in 1980, Jackie Battley and Gingrich had already been separated for some time and he was already squeezing her down (in anticipation of filing for divorce, no doubt). So no wonder Jackie Jr. (the daughter) took it upon herself to take a job which was probably offered to them by the church. There’s the answer. So now Newtie is claiming this was some sort of ‘good thing’ that his daughter did voluntarily, when it’s obvious that little Jackie basically had to become a breadwinner because her father was being an asshole.

I realize at this point, Gingrich is basically out of the race, and this could be considered ‘making lemons into lemonade’ but it sure seems to me that it’s another example of Newtie’s supreme narcissism — “See, I make it possible for you to have this fantastic experience.”

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