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New PPP poll: North Carolinians don’t know what Amendment One does – let’s get ads on-air

This is good news in many respects. Minds are not made up in this state; they don’t know just how extreme Amendment One is — this is an education and get-out-the-vote challenge, as I’ve said all along. The latest from Public Policy Polling:

It may seem inconsistent that a majority supports either gay marriage or civil unions but also supports the amendment that would ban both of them. But what we find is that voters don’t actually know what it does:

-Only 31% of voters correctly identify that Amendment 1 bans both gay marriage and civil unions.-28% think that it only bans gay marriage.

-7% think that it actually legalizes gay marriage.

-34% admit that they don’t know exactly what the amendment does.

When voters are informed that the amendment bans both gay marriage and civil unions their tune changes quite a bit. Only 41% of voters say they’ll support it knowing that, while 42% are opposed.

The reason for the Money Bomb this week is to raise funds to get anti-Amendment education advertising on radio, TV and direct mail during the homestretch. Why it is so critical — and why media buys are expensive is obvious: you reach many more voters who have not been paying attention to the issue.  And that’s 34% of voters at this point.

Notably, when you examine the PPP poll, it was taken March 23-25 before the media explosion over the National Organization for Marriage race/gay baiting strategy template being made public, and its impact on coverage about the Amendment here. This week there has been daily coverage of establishment public figures — conservative ones — coming out against the amendment (and saying why) collapsing the alliance with the far-right extremist Vote For Marriage NC. This bodes well for those of us who believe we’re thisclose to informing and getting the votes we need off the fence and ready to cast a vote against Amendment One.

I’ve learned that the ads are about to be shot, prepped and readied for air, so we need to be able to saturate the markets to energize our voters to “vote against.” Many thanks for your help!


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding