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NDAA Lawsuit: Press Conference & Occupy Wall Street Action (VIDEO)

3:58 PM EST Via @TimCast, here is a photo of a “small” march in support of the lawsuit—

3:39 PM EST Check back here for any additional developments in the NDAA lawsuit today. I’ll post a few updates on the OWS action that is unfolding this afternoon.

For background on the NDAA lawsuit hearing today, read this coverage posted earlier at The Dissenter.

3:23 PM EST Tim Pool was at the hearing this morning. Here are some of the tweets he sent out on what was said in court:

3:20 PM EST Pool is not going to be livestreaming. He is going back into the NDAA lawsuit hearing that is still ongoing. But, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change may be going to livestream the Occupy Wall Street march in solidarity with the lawsuit that is supposed to be happening about now.

3:15 PM EST NDAA press conference video can be watched in its entirety here.

3:00 PM EST NDAA lawsuit press conference wraps.

A recap: Tangerine Bolen, founder of Revolution Truth, says that the plaintiffs bringing the suit believe the NDAA could be used against Occupy Wall Street and other protest groups. She notes the plaintiffs have a long uphill battle because Republicans and Democrats have egregiously assaulted American civil liberties over the past ten years.

She mentions that journalist Chris Hedges filed the lawsuit. Then, multiple plaintiffs were added.

Author Naomi Wolf describes how the NDAA has already had a chilling effect on journalism. She mentions stories she has not pursued because she was afraid the US government would target her.

Alexa O’Brien, journalist and founder of US Day of Rage (USDOR), states if the government wants to emasculate an organization, all it has to do is accuse it of having ties to terrorism. She tells the press that through a friend she knows there are documents from Homeland Security, the FBI, and other agencies that suggest she was investigated for possible connections to terror groups.

Kai Wargalla, who helped start Occupy London by launching the Facebook and Twitter accounts, informs the press that the City of London put the Occupy group on a list just below Al Qaeda and thereby essentially accused the group of terrorism. She finds being put on the list might open her up to a risk of being indefinitely detained by the US government.

Cornel West gives a brief but rousing statement about how it is a “joy to be a plaintiff” in a case that is challenging “escalating authoritarianism” and “creeping fascism.” He says he comes from a tradition “that says we must stand for freedom in the courts or in the streets.”

David Segal of provides a statement and talks about how the organization is providing support for the campaign. And Bolen concludes by mentioning how there is a hope that this resonates with people around the world and the lawsuit expands with people signing on as “symbolic plaintiffs.”

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