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Lake Fire Shake

I am writing today, through the ether. Sketching a picture mirrored in wispy air currents. It’s time to understand just why you currently sit there in that human form of yours. I’m going to help you, just hold on for a second, or five.

Pausing time and consciousness for a brief interlude. We have forgotten who we are and what we are to do in this realm. We have forgotten because we allowed ourselves to believe in things that seemed to resonate on a personal level. We forgot because that’s how we learn. We learn through doing, through experiencing, through feeling in this human conditioned experiment.

It’s ok to not know everything, but one thing that you shouldn’t let go of is the mystery that envelopes you. The questions that will not be answered in your lifetime, it’s ok to let those go, for the answer is already within you, you don’t need to verbalize it anymore than I need to. It isn’t made of words, it isn’t made of thoughts, it is the light that bounces around this eternal emptiness. This space we have found ourselves, through experiences.

Our souls were born with the universe. They were scattered upon fragments of nothing, for there are no words. They condensed upon this little ball we call home. We are still in our infancy, still clawing through the covers at night, searching through our nightmares, still crying out to that paternal energy that has left us so. You are never alone. The lonesome feeling you feel is your body needing something to attach itself to so that it doesn’t worry, that it feels it is safe…..but all of this, all of these reactions, all of these currents are but vibrations you’re putting out there, feelings you wish to feel. Don’t ask me why, but that was your decision, your soul wanted to have a full on human experience….no blame, just acceptance.

Opening your mind can allow certain energy to reevaluate itself within you. Harbor it for awhile, try it on, see how she feels.  He’s a little rough around the edges, but I like his mustache….

Here comes the wave.

Are you ready to let go? Do you even need to be ready for such a ride? Just please keep your arms and feet within the ride, your mind is free to travel around, that little radio antenna of yours, pulling down energetic frequencies that the scientific world has yet to realize, test or prove its existence.

So, do we sit around on our couches, watch tv and wait for this scientific finding? The economy must wait for such things, you know, the very reason you’re here. Oh that thought, naw, that was a random human conditioned response…, work, retire, or at least hope to….pay the bills, pay the bills, forget you’re on an endless ride, creating experiences for the enrichment of our oneness.

Where did all the dreamers go? Are they all in undergraduate school at all the scientific colleges of the world?

Alas, your political sphere keeps you calm in the relativity of it all. You may seem outraged here and there, for whatever he or she said or did, but really, is this your purpose? Is this what you’re here to do? Maybe it is, it sure isn’t my place to say it isn’t……I just question and dream, and part of that is entrenched within that soul of yours as well, you’ve just forgotten how to do so. Why? Why did you leave your thoughts at the door? Why did you put your brain in the parking garage under the fire extinguisher? Light it…..light the flame within and let the sphere of all surround your being.

Walk with it. Love that eternal feeling of depth and space. You are not in control, and that’s ok, the play must go on….and the beauty of it, is just that, there is no control over this play, there is not director telling you what to do or don’t do….for in this realm it seems more and more that the fake powers are telling us what NOT to do. Where’s that line, that little path, that little light that tells us what to do?

That path is before you. The answers you seek are within you. You must learn how to quiet the mind and let that light talk, this is the only reform that is needed within this world. Hello, I heard you, I don’t know what your purpose is, but I think we’re well on our way.

Through this end to that beginning and back through. Quit reporting things that have happened and start dreaming of things that which we can create. We must unlearn what we’ve learned. Dream on John, dream on.



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