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Do Conservatives conserve…?

Do Conservatives conserve…?

Due to my long attendance here at the FDL, I have been longing to have an academic discussion on “Do Conservatives conserve…?” by the many smart and intelligent participants, and yet, my longing will not be addressed, and which I will find to be quite understandable.

 For the many of us, “mental masturbation” is not our forte, since we much prefer the “unassailable” Fact and intentionally discard the wealth of propaganda and which today passes for the conventional wisdom.

Take, for example, my “reality” here in my home state of Arizona, the formerly Grand Canyon State, and now the “Kick Me!” state demonstrates this reality can only be addressed by a re-invigorated voting public doing the decision-making. And not found in the ‘back-room’  or in the cloak room deals. 

To wit, my reality is this: In Arizona’s state legislature, legislation is seeking out the requisite votes–both chambers have a Republican-led Super-Majority, and with the Governor being Republican and leading to a possible ‘slam dunk’ and in which if a vote is eventually taken, all public-owned lands, municipal, county, state, and federal, will have this “ownership” move out of the hands of the general public/voters, as such, the voters, and into the hands of the state legislature for its obvious decision-making. And this onerous and disgusting behavior, if successful, future generations have nothing to look forward to, and due to this political attack, is being led by the resource-extractive and the land development industries.. And by way of background, my home state–Arizona, consists of 75% “public lands.” Consequently, the Grand Canyon will become a uranium playground and the Rez will become “privatized.”

Now, I can challenge the “conservative” or for more precision, I can challenge the “extremist” conservative, and I still would not get an acceptable response, since we are all familiar with the Three D’s and which are representative for Diversion, Distraction and Denial.  Therefore, I refuse to approach my politics from the standpoint of the historical dentist with a pair of pliers in hand and for any an ambitious effort for “pulling teeth.”  As such, I am looking forward to what the Future will bring and brought about by the Progressive meme and effort.

Therefore, feel free to weigh in and provide the requisite “illumination.”  And if not, obviously, you won’t be wasting your invaluable time or your prodigious skill set for writing and as I would expect.


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