More Good News For John McCain

As I make a Goldbergian dash out the door, I just want to point out that I think that, from a political perspective,  should the Supreme Court gut or otherwise destroy the Affordable Care Act, it will still be a win for President Obama because it will feed into the perfectly understandable belief that the Roberts court is every bit as partisan as the Rehnquist court that handed the Presidency to George Bush. The case is then made for four more years for Obama, with the hopeful replacement of a Supreme Court judge or two, as a corrective measure.

While Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Strip Search Sammy Alito could care fuck-all about what the world outside of Koch brother fetes thinks about them, Chief Justice John Roberts still craves the image of a serious jurist and now he has to figure out how to give the slimmest possible win to Obama possible while staying true to his deeply held belief that corporate rights and profits come before people.

You may take to the comments to tell me why I’m wrong, why Obama is to blame, and how, now, single payer will rise like a phoenix-unicorn from the ashes of crushing defeat…. because that is always adorable.

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