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Money Bomb Day 3: Peter LaBarbera pollutes Raleigh to attack ‘dangerous and hateful Sex Radical Dan Savage’

The money to combat Amendment One continues to come in — and every penny is needed to get on the air to combat the lies (contribute here, please!). Meanwhile, sex act-obsessed, anti-LGBT activist (and friend of Amendment One NOM mouthpiece Rev. Patrick Wooden) is parachuting in here to appear at a banquet for the NC Family Policy Council on Wednesday.

A stench is in the air in the Triangle, and it’s the smell of Southern Poverty Law Center hate-group-certified Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth Against Homosexuality, who is slated to speak to one of the Art Pope-funded hate groups here in North Carolina that backs Amendment One, the NC Family Policy Council. According to LaBarbera’s e-blast:

I am in North Carolina to give a speech tomorrow evening in Raleigh at a banquet for the NC Family Policy Council (, a fine organization that defends marriage and family in this beautiful state.  Thanks to the Republicans taking control of the NC legislature, on May 8th, North Carolina’s voters will finally get an opportunity to affirm real marriage (one man, one woman) at the ballot box.  I predict they will do so, but the “Gay”  Lobby — intent on pushing for sodomy-based “marriage” — is raising tons of money to defeat the amendment.  So please help by contacting your North Carolina friends and family members!

It seems almost everyone in America is afraid of homosexual militants and unwilling to tell the truth about the role that “proud homosexuality” is playing in our dying culture.  AFTAH is not.  We go toe-to-toe with these outrageous ideological thugs because if they win, America loses.

Why is he speaking here? Apparently he’s offended by Dan Savage, who was paid to speak at UNC. (Christian Newswire):

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill paid $18,500 to homosexual activist Dan Savage — creator of a vile hate-site “re-defining” Rick Santorum’s last name as the by-product of anal sex — as a guest speaker, just weeks before publicly disassociating from Rush Limbaugh over Rush’s “offensive statements” about Sandra Fluke.

…Americans For Truth has written UNC-Chapel Hill officials to ask how they can justify paying a large sum to Savage, who once wished death on all Republicans and who regularly and crudely demonizes religious conservatives. AFTAH also asked UNC to repudiate Savage for his “offensive statements,” and invite a pro-family speaker to campus specifically to balance his appearance.

The following typifies Savage’s unique brand of conservative-Christian-bashing hate:

  • Savage said on HBO that he “wished [Republicans] were all [f–king] dead” (he later apologized).
  • Savage’s creation “Santorum[dot] com” (and “SpreadingSantorum[dot]com”) “re-define” Santorum’s surname as follows: “San-TOR-um, n. The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.”
  • In contrast to Limbaugh, who quickly apologized for his remarks about Fluke, when AFTAH’s President Peter LaBarbera asked Savage to take down “Santorum[dot]com,” he responded: “I’m asking Peter LaBarbera to go [f- -k] himself.”
  • Savage mocked the pope as “the dope in Rome;”
  • So consumed was Savage with hatred for then-GOP presidential candidate Gary Bauer that he traveled to Iowa to pose as a Bauer volunteer, then got sick himself and began licking campaign office doorknobs, staplers, etc., in an attempt to give Bauer a cold.

AFTAH also condemns Savage, a raunchy sex columnist, for his reckless sexual advice, which includes urging married couples to allow outside sex. AFTAH urges MTV to cancel “Savage U,” a new TV program featuring Savage debuting April 3 — so as not to reward him for his cyber-bullying against Santorum and history of hateful acts against Christian conservatives.

Yawn. Barista Alvin McEwen and I have a long history with LaBarbera and his antics, and this attack on Dan Savage is just about theatrics and a stunt to raise funds for AFATH from the rubes he’ll speak before at this banquet. The Illinois-based LaBarbera is shameless; he regularly cruised Chicago’s leather/bondage events and clubs, going undercover to do “research” (multiple times) and write “exposes” of The Homosexual Agenda for the little old ladies he bilks to support his homophobic enterprise.

The vast majority of the top-tier professional anti-LGBT orgs (like the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family) steer clear of associating themselves too closely with LaBarbera, whose fixation on sex acts is bizarre. That latter interest is probably how he and Raleigh Upper Room Church of Christ, NOM-affiliated pastor Patrick Wooden bonded. Wooden, you’ll recall, appeared on a panel at Meredith College on Monday and performed the NOM race/religion template tap dance. LaBarbera procured Wooden’s services to appear with him at a failed press conference against the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Alvin nails it:

Since that time, LaBarbera and Wooden have conducted an interview so long that LaBarbera had to break it up into five parts.

It was during one of these this interviews in which Wooden made the false claim that gay men have so much anal sex that they require surgery and diapers and also that they use baseball bats, gerbils and cell phones as sexual instruments. Other tidbits of these interviews had Wooden making all sorts of nasty comments about Chaz Bonolegendary blogger Pam Spaulding (Wooden said she needs to find a man who will rock her world), and of course the transgender community.

I should also note that Wooden is instrumental in helping the National Organization for Marriage push for an anti-marriage equality amendment in North Carolina. NOM has been silent on Wooden’s radio commentaries.

As I said before, LaBarbera became infamous for his past activities at subcultural events, such as leather conventions. But now he seems to have abandoned attending these functions. However, based on his interviews with Wooden, he has not abandoned his lurid imagination when it comes to gay sex. He seems to have traded one vice (taking pictures of gay men) for another (regaling his audience about gay sex).

The NC Family Policy Council, as I mentioned above, is one of discount retail store honcho Art Pope’s toys. His foundation underwrites several organizations that support Amendment One. Art Pope Exposed, a project of the Institute of Southern Studies, has a ton of information about Pope’s influence in North Carolina.

Art Pope has tried to distance himself from the NC anti-gay marriage amendment debate. But as the Institute has shown, his money is deeply implicated in the amendment push. Pope’s foundation has given nearly $1 million to the N.C. Family Policy Council, which has been leading the push for the N.C. amendment since 2004. In fact, Pope’s contributions to the Council have steadily grown as the group has become more involved in the gay marriage issue.

It’s only fitting that the Policy Council sees fit to break bread with the likes of Peter LaBarbera — seen as the fringe of the fringe by his own professional anti-LGBT peers. Art Pope funds hate and he’s underwriting SPLC-certified hate in Raleigh.


Kate and I gave to help fight Amendment One — will you help out during this Blogswarm Money Bomb week? I’m a native North Carolinian whose family has deep roots in the state and has played a significant part in the business and civil rights history of NC. This amendment, which would restrict rights, not expand them, is wrong for our state.

Protect All NC Families needs to get anti-Amendment One messages on the air around the state before voters go to the polls. Early voting begins on April 19.

You can donate here: and here: Many thanks!


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