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Dayen’s Roundup from March 27, 2012

Young news readers review the Supreme Court arguments (Cornell Univ. Lib., 1920)

Here is a report on reports.

• Adam Serwer gives the gas face to Obama’s Solicitor General Donald Verrilli. I think the justices will go the way they want to go, but it does seem like Verrilli did a poor job. Maybe John Roberts should take over for him. Transcript here.

• I haven’t paid much notice to tomorrow’s Supreme Court argument on the Medicaid expansion, but maybe I should.

• President Obama’s new student loan program is being undercut by the government’s own debt collectors. Scary story.

• I’m going to need to read up on this LIBOR scandal, but it sounds pretty horrendous.

• Another day, another multimillion dollar settlement on lies told by banks to their investors.

• Among other things, the Paul Ryan budget seeks to cancel out a deal on disaster relief from last year’s debt limit agreement.

• Ilya Sheyman claims that a whisper campaign questioning his commitment to Israel sunk his primary effort last week.

• The Spanish version of Occupy Our Homes is called the Platform of Mortgage Victims.

• Pretty good set of commentators at this panel discussion on Wall Street and the revolving door tonight.

• I don’t care about the President’s “flexibility” remark if confined just to missile defense. It’s if it branches out to, say, “reforming” Social Security then I’ll get worried.

• The National Organization for Marriage’s entire worldview is based on division, so how could this possibly surprise anyone?

• I suppose Republicans might as well try to take credit for the recovery. But after shouting “where are the jobs” for four years, they might have some trouble with that.

Out of Afghanistan, please.

• The idea of having large pension funds run them for companies is decent enough, though it’s been around for a while.

• There’s nothing worse than a big-city mayor installed by a political machine. Boston’s Menino is an ass.

• Olympia Snowe is upset that the President didn’t suck up enough to Olympia Snowe. [cont’d]

• Goldman Sachs’s proprietary traders can’t really make money without the power of Goldman behind them.

• Lost in the uproar over the ultrasound mandate in Virginia and other states is that the state will not even pay for this medically unnecessary procedure, adding costs to the individual seeking the abortion. That’s not a bug, but a feature.

• The lead investigator in the Trayvon Martin case actually wanted to pursue a manslaughter charge for George Zimmerman.

• More dodgy uses of the foreclosure fraud settlement fund, from South Carolina this time. If 20% gets to homeowners at this point I’ll be surprised.

• Mike Daisey has thought about it, and he’s now very, very sorry.

• I’m not mad that Newt Gingrich charges $50 for photos at his campaign events. I’m mad that anyone pays it.

• Good for Harvey Weinstein. The stranglehold that the MPAA has over the movie business is just crazy.

• Bob Kerrey will not be the next Senator from Nebraska.

• I feel pretty bad for Dennis Rodman. Bankruptcy for absurdly well-paid athletes is far more common than you’d think.

• “Mr. Minister of International Development, can you explain the role of the +7 Vorpal Weapon in this public health report?”

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David Dayen

David Dayen